A Horoscope, Birth Chart, and its importance in life.

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A Horoscope, Birth Chart, and its importance in life.

A Horoscope or birth chart is an astrological technique that is prepared based on the exact date and time of one’s birth and place of birth. When the person was born on this earth, which planets were constellations rising. On the basis of this planetary constellation, a person lives his life, makes progress in life, gets happiness and sorrow. It is proved that man cuts his life on the basis of these planetary constellations, progresses in life. A person can live his life through deeds, but it is not possible to reach the point of success in life.

The horoscope shows the physical structure and height of a person. The person’s personality, behavior, nature, honor, fame, happiness are revealed. Height, decision-making ability, how much force is there, is he quick to give up or is going to compete strongly.

Family is very important in our life, which has great importance in our daily life. The horoscope also provides information about family, speech, food, singing, eyes, elementary education, gold jewelry, money, or financial situations. From the horoscope, one can know about our younger siblings, intelligence, the courage of the person, the might, the short distance trips, the neighbors, the close relatives.

Personal life from the birth journal, your image at home, your relationship with mother, your relationship with other family members, your comforts and school and early education, mental peace, family life, personal relatives, home, Prosperity, gaiety, facilities, land, and ancestral property, small happiness, the vehicle can be known.

Origin of children from the birth magazine, happiness, society and social inclination, artistic qualities, entertainment, romance, love, love affair, cinema, place of entertainment, interest in theater, material pleasures such as sports, opera, drama, music, dance, and Entertainment in life, education of Vedic mantras, and interest in song music, religious instincts, deep thinking, deep learning, and knowledge can be known.

From the horoscope we talk about our life’s debt, debt, disease, suffering, enemy, sin, maladjustment, fear, reproach, strength and courage to fight opponents, enemies, thieves, body wounds and scars, despair, sorrow, Fever, paternal relationships, sin deeds, war, and disease, etc. can be known. The growth in life can be known by the hard work, competition, and sufferings of our life.

From the same birth journal, knowing marital life, life partner, moral of life, immoral relationship, religion, meaning, work, social image and work and business, marital happiness, sexual diseases, business, speculation, diplomacy, honor, travel, business strategy can go.

From the same birth horoscope, the duration of a person’s life, longevity, diseases of genitals, death, unaccounted property, cause of death, humiliation, fall, defeat, sorrow, accusation, obstacles are known. Esoteric science, the hidden treasure, speculative trade, lottery, secrets, spells, tantra can be traced to the relationship in a person’s life. A person’s misfortune, mental distress, sorrow, fight-fights, anxiety and difficulty, work delays, sadness, accusations, accidents, can be detected.

From this birth chart, horoscope, luck, legal matters, dramatic works, virtues, compassion, compassion, pilgrimage, science, mental purity, education, prosperity, planning, religion, guru, grandson, spiritual knowledge, imagination, intuition, religious devotion, sympathy, Philosophy, science and literature, lasting fame, leadership, charity, long journeys, foreign travels and relationship with father are found out.
One can get information about business, prosperity, honor from government, honorable life, reputation, stability, rights, agriculture, doctor, name, fame, higher education, in the birth magazine itself.

Information related to the benefits and pain-free life, intelligence and wealth obtained by the person’s deeds from the horoscope itself, the benefits gained through effort, income, dependence, elder brother, uncle-tau, devotion to God, respect for the elderly, knowledge Information about benefits, high intellectual status, wealth loss, fortune, mother’s longevity, sleeping happiness, mental affliction, divine disaster, accident, wife’s disease, state crisis, state punishment, suicide, can be found by.

We should be grateful to our sages, who had written the astrological texts thousands of years ago on the basis of planetary constellations, and we can know about our lives by their knowledge. He can bring happiness in his life through his measures given the ups and downs of life, we should respect his unprecedented discovery and not disrespect it.

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