According to astrology, house yogas in a person life

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The following astrological yogas are taken care of whether a person will be able to build their home or not.

The fourth house of the horoscope is studied to analyze a person’s wealth. The fourth house is the main house of immovable and movable properties. Both the purchase and sale of the property can be seen in this sense. Parashar Hora Shastra is considered to be the Bhagavad Gita of Vedic astrology. The fourth sense is property, peace of mind, mother, home life, self-communication, paternal qualities, general happiness, and some other topics. Along with this, it is also mainly a house of the property.

• If the lord of the fourth house is with the Ascendant lord and there is income, then the person can have many houses.

• If Mercury is situated in the power of might and the lord of the fourth house is also stable, then the person builds a beautiful house.

• If the lord of the fourth house is in self-possession or is of a higher zodiac, then the native gets ownership of land, vehicles, houses etc.

• The planets which are situated in the fourth house also have the power to give property.

• If the lord of the fourth house is situated in the friend zodiac, Navamsa or Lagna is in both the horoscopes, then it is auspicious in the yogas of the house.

• The presence of Navamsha in the triangle house and the presence of Chaturth in his friend’s zodiac sign can give a good home.

• If the lord of the fourth house is with Mars or Saturn or Venus, then the native can get his house.

• The period of Mars, Venus, Jupiter is favorable for buying a house.

The following planets are seen for home, land, property-

• Mars – The causative planet of real estate is Mars. Its auspicious effect on the fourth house of Chaturvesh indicates a good house.

• Saturn – Saturn is the planet which gives land, old house i.e. repurchased house. Apart from this, when Saturn activates the fourth house in transit, then the construction work of the house is completed.

• Venus – Influencing the fourth / fourth house of Venus in its bull state is a sign of having a grand house.

• 1, 2, 4, 11 houses are expressions that indicate to be land or property.

• The Lagna Bhava is the expression that shows one’s own ability and physical ability. Only after being physically fit, a person can complete his home or his life plans.

• Second house – It is the sense of bank balance of a person. If no one has money then you will not be able to buy a house.

• Fourth house – The fourth house is the property, happiness and vehicles. Thus, the state of this sentiment is seen to know at which place there will be property at home or abroad.

• Eleventh house – This is the main sense of profit and fulfillment of desires. This is the feeling that decides whether you will be happy in your own home or not. Mahadasha is considered for when you will get your home. The Mahadasha determines whether a person will have assets or not.

• The conditions of Chaturthesh, Dwitesh, Ekadesh, and Navamsh are able to give a person a home.

At which age you will get your house, the following planets are studied. When a planet is in a strong, high, mooltrikona position, it affects the fourth house,

• Lunar planet performs the task of providing houses at a young age.

• Sun and Mars are studied to provide a home in middle age.

• Sun gives house in Uttarayan and in the initial years of lunar life.

• Mercury can give a house at the age of 32 to 36.

• Jupiter, Venus and Rahu can give property at an early age.

• Saturn can give wealth after the age of 44 and Ketu after 52 years.

Other Yogas

• To purchase land for home, the fourth house of horoscope should be strong.

• Mars and the fourth house have been considered important factors for acquiring land or property. Therefore, the position of Mars in a person’s horoscope should be strong and auspicious.

• When Mars makes a relationship with the fourth house in the horoscope, then the person comes in a position to buy land or property at some time in his life.

• If Mars is situated alone in the fourth house, then the person acquires the land, but the property is always stuck in a legal dispute.

• If Mars determines the sale and purchase of land, then construction work is studied on the land from Saturn.

• When Saturn or Mars forms a relationship with the lord of the fourth house during the Dasha or Antarasha, the person acquires the land.

• When the auspicious planets make their impact on the fourth house, there is a possibility of prosperity in the house.

• A person is unable to buy his house or property when inauspicious planets exert influence over the lord of the fourth house.

• When Chaturthesh and Lagnesh make a relationship with each other, then a person can acquire more than one property.

• When the lord of the first house is situated in the fourth house, then there is a possibility of the person acquiring more than one land.

• If the lord of the fourth house is situated in the first house then the acquired land can become a source of livelihood of the person.

• When the lord of Chaturthi Bhava is situated in the eighth house then the person faces obstacles in acquiring property.

• When Mars is having a relation with the 8th house in the horoscope then the person can get ancestral property.

• When the fourth, 8th and eleventh house form a relationship then the person is sure to make wealth during his lifetime and it is also possible that this person’s brothers contribute to it.

• When the fourth house forms a relationship with the twelfth house then a person buys property abroad or in a place which is far away from his house.

• The yoga formed in the horoscope should also be in strong positions in the Navansh Kundali.

• All the yogas for land acquisition are also seen and evaluated in the birth chart, the Navamsa horoscope and the fourth quarter horoscope.

If the totals of acquiring land are strong in all three horoscopes, then only one can buy or acquire property in life. If the totals of buying a house are not strong in all the coils, then a person may face difficulties in buying or acquiring land.

• When the inauspicious Saturn exerts its influence on the fourth house of the horoscope, the person is deprived of the happiness of home. Such a person may have to change several homes over a lifetime to acquire property.

• When the fourth house is having a relationship with the sixth house of the horoscope then the person has to face court proceedings in cases from the property, or such person has to take a loan to buy land.

• A person can get property from his parents when the fourth house forms a relationship with the second house.

• When the fourth house is in relation with the ninth house, a person can get land from his father.

• We all must have noticed many times that a person has his own house but is not able to live in his house, instead he lives somewhere away from home, there can be many reasons for this situation. There are many houses that keep a person away from their home. The Sun, Mercury and Rahu are separatist planets. If there is a connection between Sun, Mercury or Rahu (with any two), the lord of the fourth house of the horoscope then the person lives in a distant place from his house.

• As is well known, the planet Venus represents worldly subjects. Weak Venus deprives the native of worldly pleasure. If the planet Venus is inauspicious, which is influenced or debilitated by male planets (Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn) then it is very likely that the person will be unable to use his resources of happiness and comfort. Others use their wealth and resources, others may be his relatives or friends.

• If the lord of the fourth house is retrograde (vakri) then the native cannot use his house. Either his house can remain vacant or the tenant uses his house.

• If the lord of the fourth house is high (in a powerful position) in the ninth horoscope then the native gets a house after marriage. If the planet in the fourth house in the navmasha chart becomes high then the person gets the same result.

• If the lord of the twelfth house somehow belongs to the fourth house, then he may have to spend his entire life in the rented house.

• To make your house in foreign land, the lord of the sixth house, the lord of the eighth house and the lord of the twelfth house make connection with the fourth house or all of them are related to the fourth house or they are related to their sixth house, eight house or twelfth house If we sit in a person makes his home on foreign land.

• If the fourth horoscope and the ninth horoscope are located in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, then the person keeps changing house all his life, he never stays in one house for a long period.

• If Chaturthesh is located in the horoscope and ninth horoscope of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius then the person stays in the same house for a long period.

• If the Mars of the fourth house in the horoscope is affected by Rahu and Saturn, then the person has to face frequent house trouble. He has to live in a house that has countless problems. In simple words, a person cannot breathe a sigh of relief.

• Mercury and Rahu both have their influence on the fourth house, then the person does not feel comfortable in his house.

Property loss after receipt of property

• If the lord of the fourth house is situated in the third house, then there are chances of loss of property to the person.

• If Chaturthesh is afflicted by any sinful planet then the person suffers loss of property at any time in life.

• Yet if the Chaturthi is situated in the trik(त्रिक) house, the chances of loss are very high.

• If Chaturthus is weak, Saturn-Mars is weak in both horoscope and Navamsa, then there is a very high probability of loss of property of the person.

• If inauspicious planets affect the fourth house or the fourth house lord, then in their time, the person can give property-related damage.

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