Astrology yoga related to a government job, money & business

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1. Although Guru and Saturn, each planet affects every aspect of life according to its position and condition. But there are some planets that permanently affect a particular aspect of life. Among these, Saturn, Mars, Guru, and Ketu are prominent. Here we will consider facts related to money and property and business. In astrology, it is a general rule that every planet spoils the enemy’s house or house. This is a general and physical rule.

2. If the ascendant of the native is in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, or Libra in the horoscope, then Saturn and Guru (Jupiter) being in the center or triangle from each other, would generate a good sum for a government job. Huh.

3. In the horoscope, if the Moon and Brahaspati are together in the center, then in that case also good chances are made for the government job. At the same time, if the moon and Mars are also central, then the chances of government jobs increase.

4. The native gets great successes in his career field due to the strength of the tenth house in the horoscope and the influence of one or more auspicious planets on this house. And due to the influence of one or more evil planets on this house, the horoscope holder generally does not get much success in their career field.

5. In astrology, Sun and Moon are known as kings or planets related to administration. Ascendant of Sun or Moon, related to wealth, fourth and karma or relationship with their owner indicates the status of a government job. The effect of the Sun is more than that of the Moon.

6. The effect of a planet sitting on the Lagna is considered to have the most influence on a person’s life. If the Sun or Moon is situated on the Lagna, then the person joins government areas and is going to earn a lot of names.

7. Moon’s tenth house with the sight or tenth sign indicates success in the government sector. Although the moon is a fickle and unstable planet, due to which the native has some difficulty in getting a job. Such a person undergoes a change of place or change frequently after getting a job.

8. If the Sun is situated in a place of wealth and looking at Dashmesh, then the chances of a person getting a job in the government sector are made. Such people are intelligence agencies or groups who work silently.

9. Due to the position of the Sun and Moon in the ascendant or tenth place of the tenth horoscope, the person is busy in the royal work, such a person gets a big status.

10. Even if the planet is very strong, they can give government jobs related to their region. Mars soldier, or higher officer, Mercury bank or insurance, Guru-education related, Venus finances related, Saturn has the effect of adding in many departments.

11. The influence of Surya Chandra in the fourth house gives the native a job in the government sector. The planets sitting at this place look at the Karma Sthan from the seventh point of view.

12. If the Sun is situated in the tenth house then the person definitely gets benefit from government work. The tenth place is the place of work. Sun’s position at this place definitely takes the person to government areas. Sun is the factor of tenth place, due to which there are strong signs of getting the results of this house.

13. If there is a Mars in Capricorn in the tenth house in the horoscope of a person or if Mars is strong in its zodiac sign, it is situated in the first, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, or tenth, then the sum of government job is made.

14. If Mars is of Swarashi or friend is of Zodiac sign and is situated in the tenth or there is a combination of Mars and Dashmesh then government job is made.

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