Bharani nakshatra,The persons with “Bharani nakshatra”.

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Bharani nakshatra, The persons with “Bharani nakshatra”.

(भरणी नक्षत्र)

Such a person is determined, is healthy, virtuous, happy. They take rest by completing the task that they have undertaken. It is their merit to complete the work in a time-bound manner.

There are fewer eaters. Their body is healthy. Also, these people are rich in conduct and attractive personality like big strong people in love.

Bharani nakshatra, The persons with “Bharani nakshatra”.Their nature is such that they are also infamous with their behavior and their mind is more delighted in the work of big chats. There is a desire for quick success in their natural. These people are often afraid of water. They are not avoided even by the use of wine, alcohol.
If the illusion is effected on the Bharani nakshatra, the native is a liar, a watchdog, a man who takes care of the means of purity, is the father of many sons, and specializes in extracting the wealth of others. By his behavior, he makes his enemies also.

A strong, sudden attacker on enemies, clever, interested in religious works, painter, cheater, low-level worker, and aspiring for advancement.

1.In the first charna of Bharani nakshatra a person is, like an elephant, with small and beady eyes, a thick huge nose, head like head on both sides of the elephant, relatively heaviness in the upper torso, thick and stuffed eyebrows, thin hair, body follicles are thick and rough. Sometimes the hair on the head is also less ie less dense.

2.In the second charna of Bharani nakshatra a person is, dark complexion, soft body, liquid eyes like deer, heaviness in the body, strong chest and strong legs, hanging belly, hanging shoulder, more speaking The habit is timid by nature.

3.In the third charna of Bharani nakshatra a person is, playful body, white mannequins, merciless and hard, large and wide body, making contact with women, is the husband of some greedy, playful woman.

4.In the fourth charna of Bharani nakshatra a person is, a monkey-like face, brown hair in hair and follicles, violent nature, the habit of lying, over-speaking, befriending, secret patient ie suffering from some diseases of genitals.


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