Blue Sapphire stone benefits, Astrological Analysis

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Blue Sapphire,Neelam Stone

In this post, we will read about the Blue Sapphire stone benefits, Astrological Analysis, Why is Saturn’s Gemstone Blue Sapphire, Types of Blue Sapphire, Benefits from Sapphire Gemstone, Effect of Sapphire Gemstone on different zodiac signs.

Blue Sapphire is a gem of Saturn and it shows its effect very intensely. Neelam is called blue sapphire in English. Neelam has been considered a symbol of romance and beauty for centuries. This reduces the feeling of greed and hatred, as well as life, is filled with happiness and every moment is realized. Saturn is also worshiped for past and present. By its strength, divine powers and spirits are controlled. Wearing a Blue Sapphire does not only mean that you are auspicious, the effect of the Blue Sapphire sometimes also goes towards negativity. Due to its effect many times there are very big changes which also lead to destruction. Let’s know about the benefits and losses from Blue Sapphire

Why is Saturn’s Gemstone Blue Sapphire

The color of Saturn is blue. Sapphire is also blue in color. Sapphire has the ability to absorb the energy of Saturn, which is why Neelam is considered a gem of Saturn. Neelam is known by many names. Neelam is called Blue Sapphire in English. In Sanskrit, Neelam is known as Indranil, Trishgriha Neelamani.

Types of Blue Sapphire

Before identifying the sapphire, it is important to know what kind of sapphire it is. Knowing this makes it easier to identify the sapphire. Depending on the structure, there are two types of sapphires obtained in the world, namely, Jala-Neelam Blue sapphire and Indra-Neelam Sapphire Gemstone Sapphire.

Jala-Neelam Blue sapphire Gemstone

In Jala-Neelam Blue sapphire,blue aura is seen all around and the white colored aura is seen in the middle is called Jal Sapphire.

Indra-Neelam Gemstone

Indra Neelam is also called Venus Neelam. This sapphire is dark colored from all sides and light blue aura is shed in the middle.

Benefits from Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphire gemstone or blue sapphire is known to give instant results. It takes you to the pinnacle of progress and brings abundance, prosperity and good times. If the blue sapphire and you are in perfect synchronization, it leads you directly to the path of miraculous results, especially during Saturn’s transit. In the meantime, you can boost your health, vitality and enthusiasm.
Blue Sapphire acts as a guardian in life as it protects you from witchcraft, ghosts, opponents etc.Sapphire gem increases your efficiency, which enables you to do any work seriously. Neelam also simplifies complex things with its effect and establishes peace in life.Improves digestion and removes the feeling of laziness from life, due to which your paused tasks speed up and they are complete.Special types of healing properties are also present inside the sapphire which keep the mind and brain calm.

Disadvantages of Sapphire Gemstone

If for some reason, Neelam Ratna does not suit you, then you can also get trapped in financial trouble.Small or big accidents in life are also a sign that the sapphire gem is not favorable to you and you should stop wearing it.If Neelam is not good for you then you may also have insomnia or stress problems.Due to its side effects, there are tribulations in the family and there is also a possibility of a conspiracy, that is, overall, Neelam has an effect not only on you but also on your family.You may face many challenges as the career graph goes down.Be sure to consult an experienced and skilled astrologer before wearing Sapphire as it can have many harmful effects on you, even it can be fatal for life. So do not wear it at all without deliberation.

How many rattis or ct.weight should be weighed sapphire

Whenever you go to buy a gem such as a sapphire, everything should be correct, then only it will work properly. According to Vedic astronomy, sapphire is associated with Saturn to a great extent and Shani punishes those who do justice and those who do injustice. If you want to wear sapphire then definitely wear 2-carat to 4 ct. gemstone. To get the auspicious effect of sapphire, one has to wear at least this gemstone. If you wear sapphire less than this then it is probably difficult to get the desired fruit. Put sapphire on Saturday for 15-20 minutes in a mixture of cow’s milk, honey, and Ganges water. After this, burn five incense sticks and chant the Shani mantra ‘om Sham Shanisharay namh’ 108 times. After that, hold it in the middle finger of the right hand.

Precautions While Wearing Blue Sapphire

Neelam is considered a very influential gem. Wearing a flawed sapphire causes harm. The sapphire in which two colors are visible should not be worn. It is harmful for the family, especially it is considered painful for children and spouse. Wearing the sapphire where the net is seen increases the disease. The sapphire where the incision is visible should not be worn. This leads to loss of money. Wearing white streak sapphire and tainted sapphire is painful. It can also cause an accident.

Who should wear Blue Sapphire

Saturn is a yogic planet for Aries, Taurus and Libra Ascendant. People of this lagna can wear sapphire. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius, hence Saturn is auspicious for this lagna, hence people of Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant can also wear sapphire. If there is Shash Yoga in the Kundali, wearing Sapphire is very beneficial. Those people whose Saturn in the horoscope is weak, retrograde and sitting and sitting in auspicious house or is the owner of auspicious sentiments can wear sapphire.

When should one Wear Blue Sapphire

It is beneficial to wear sapphire when the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Saturn is going on. Even during the period of half-century and dhaiya, wearing sapphire is beneficial.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire

Sapphire is a gem of Saturn, so wearing it increases patience and courage in a person. The ability to work hard increases and the full fruits of hard work are achieved. There is a decrease in eye disease, fever and blood related disease.
Neelam: Before wearing Sapphire, everyone should test its auspicious and inauspicious. For this, wash the sapphire with Ganga water and wrap it in blue cloth. On Saturday, spend the night tied in the right arm two hours before sunset. If there are any problems at night, nightmares or any other obstacle, then sapphire is not for you. If everything is normal then sapphire can be worn.
Sapphire is always beneficial for Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendant. Sapphires are more fruitful for the natives with Taurus and Libra ascendant, and emeralds for Gemini and Virgo ascendants. If Saturn is placed in the first, second, fourth, fifth, ninth, tenth or eleventh house in the horoscope of Aries Ascendant, then wearing sapphire in the Mahadasha or inner aspect of Shani is considered auspicious. Sapphire is inauspicious for Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendant. Never wear pearl, coral or yellow topaz with sapphire.

Astrological Analysis – Effect of Sapphire Gemstone on different zodiac signs

Neelam Ratna should be worn with extreme caution and instruction. The price of Sapphire varies in terms of its quality and clarity, but consult an expert astrology before wearing,it is very important.

one must consult an astrologer once before wearing any gemstone.


Mars is the lord of Aries and has a sense of enmity with Saturn, so the natives of this zodiac are not advised to wear sapphire. Because it will completely destroy you and will not allow any new opportunity to move forward. Although the natives of this zodiac are advised not to wear sapphire, in spite of this, the natives of the horoscope in which Saturn is situated in the second, fifth, ninth and eleventh house, may wish to try their luck by wearing it.


You do not have to think much before wearing sapphire because your lord i.e. Venus has a sense of friendship with Saturn. The effect of Sapphire is such that it can give you the best time of your life as Sapphire is the gem of Saturn and Saturn is a benefic planet for you.


Even though Mercury and Saturn have a sense of friendship among themselves, despite this, it is very important to get the opinion of astrology before wearing sapphire. By the time Saturn is in your zodiac sign, you are advised to wear sapphire at the same time.


Just as Mars has a sense of enmity with Saturn, similarly Saturn has a similar relationship with Chandra, the lord of Cancer. It is considered inauspicious for Saturn to be situated in the seventh and eighth house.


Sun, the lord of Leo, has a sense of enmity with Saturn. For this reason, the people of Leo sign do not wear this beautiful gem.


Mercury, the lord of Virgo, is neutral with Saturn. In such a situation, wearing these gems neither benefits nor harms. By the way, if you want, you can wear Saturn to improve its duration or to strengthen your position.


The lord of Libra, that is, Venus is in harmony with Saturn, so the people of this zodiac must wear this gem to get maximum benefit.


If there is a feeling of enmity between Saturn and Mars, then it would not be surprising to say that this gem is not right for you. Only those people can wear it, whose Shani is situated in the fifth, ninth and tenth house.


Dhanuka Swami Jupiter Guru planet and Saturn have equal feelings among themselves, so it is meaningless to say that people of this zodiac should not wear Neelam gemstone at all, otherwise the result will be very frightening.


Saturn is the lord of this zodiac, in such a way, the blue sapphire fills the life of the Capricorns completely with happiness and showering auspiciousness and benefits. It also protects you from rebels.


Sapphire gem brings a lot of change in the fate of those who belong to this zodiac sign and wear this gem. The reason is that Saturn does what is best for you.


The lord of Pisces is the master and Saturn is even. This means that people of this zodiac should not wear this gem or else it can be life-threatening.
If Saturn is a key factor in your horoscope, then Sapphire is used to strengthening that feeling, wearing Sapphire gem brings intensity to the mind, changes behavior so that it can keep its surroundings good. You can understand, Saturn is a factor of research, so when your mind is calm and intense, then you are able to research well.
 Sapphire contains aluminum oxide and chromium, so chemically helps your brain to find something. — If your mind has stopped working, whatever you decide is wrong on wrong, then Neelam Ratna calms the mind. Neelam Ratna increases your skills, which enables you to do any work seriously. When you feel that others are becoming more and more dominating in your job, you do not feel like saying, The saturation point of the mind has come that now neither there is any ability to think nor to understand, then Neelam Ratna is for you. Neelam gemstone is far-sighted, if a person is suited according to his horoscope, then that person can become very intelligent. If Neelam Ratna is not favorable for you, then you will have tremendous pain in your hands and feet, will fight from all over the world, will use your own wrong money in your life, will lead to corruption, will produce opposite intelligence, will make all wrong decisions, which will end troubles Will not take the name of being.

Rule of wearing sapphire

An adult should wear a sapphire of 5, 7, 9, or 12 rattis. Before wearing it, one should chant the Shani “Mantra Oum Premin Pran: Shanishcharaya Namah” as much as possible. Chant the mantra at least 11,000 times. The auspicious constellations for wearing the sapphire are Pushya, Uttarabhadrapada, Chitra, Swati, Dhanisthana, and Shatabhisha.

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