Can gems solve your problems, do gems have so much power

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Do gems have enough strength to change a person’s life?

Mention of gems received in ancient times- Gems have been influencing humans since ancient times due to their attractive colors, effects, aura, and preciousness. A detailed description of the gems is found in many texts like Agni Purana, Garuda Purana, Devi Bhagavata Purana, Mahabharata, etc. The 7 Gems are mentioned in the Rigveda and the Atharvaveda.

Tulsidas mentions the jewels like coral, emerald, rhinestone, and diamonds while describing the beauty of Awadh Puri in the Uttara Kanda of Ramayana. Kautilya also mentions the merits and demerits of gems in his Arthashastra. The Navratnas are described in detail in the Ratna Examination of Varahamihira’s Brihatsamhita. Many ancient books of Christian, Jain, and Buddhism are also found written in the subject of gems.

Origin of gems – There are many mythological beliefs about the origin of gems. According to Agnipuran, when the famous weapon of Devraj Indra was made from the ashes of Dadhichi Rishi, the powder residue that fell on the earth was originated from the jewels.

According to Garuda Purana mines of gems were made from the body of a monster named Bal. A few drops of nectar received at the time of ocean churning fell on the earth, from which the origin of the gems is also recognized. Originally, real gems originated from mountains, trees, animals, and animals.

Gems not only enhance the beauty of jewelry, but they also have divine power, such a belief has been prevalent all over the world since ancient times. In the Mahabharata, there is a description of Syamantaka Mani, due to which the area around the Mani was blessed with happiness, prosperity, and divine grace.

In Western countries, children wear amber garlands in the belief that their teeth will come out without any trouble. Jewish people wear amethyst gems to avoid terrible dreams. The inhabitants of ancient Rome used to hang coral beads in the cradle of children so that they would not be afraid of aristocrats. Jade gemstones are considered to provide healing in China.

In the same way, if your natal planet is weak, if you wear the same amount of power as that planet requires, then by wearing that gem, your problems will be solved.

But it is not advisable to ever wear the jewels of the planets Low(Neech) and Marakesh(मारकेश)

Only 84 gems have been given importance in astrology. Of these, 9 are also named as Ratna and the rest as Upratna.


  1. Ruby,
  2. Blue Sapphire
  3. Diamond
  4. Yellow Sapphire
  5. Emerald
  6. Coral
  7. Pearl
  8. Gomed(Hessonite)
  9. Cat,s Eye.


10 Laladi

  1. Firoza,
  2. Emni,
  3. Jabarjadd
  4. Opal,
  5. Turmali
  6. Naram,
  7. Sunela,
  8. Katella
  9. Sang Sitara,
  10. Safed Billore,
  11. Godanti,
  12. Tamda,
  13. Dudhia,
  14. Mariyam,
  15. Maknatis,
  16. Sinduria,
  17. Neeli,
  18. Dhunella,
  19. Beruj,
  20. Margaj,
  21. Pittonia,
  22. Bansi,
  23. Durvejf,
  24. Sulaimani,
  25. Alemani,
  26. Jajemani,
  27. Shivhar,
  28. Tursawa,
  29. Ahava,
  30. Abari,
  31. Larjvart,
  32. Kudrat,
  33. Chitti,
  34. Sang-Sun,
  35. Lare,
  36. ​​Marwar,
  37. Dana-Firang,
  38. Kasauti,
  39. Darchana,
  40. Hakik,
  41. Halan,
  42. Sijari,
  43. Mubenjf,
  44. Kahruva,
  45. Jhana,
  46. Sang Basri,
  47. Dantala,
  48. Makda,
  49. Sangeya,
  50. Guddhri,
  51. Kamala,
  52. Sifri,
  53. Harid,
  54. Havas,
  55. Singali,
  56. Dedi,
  57. Rhinestone,
  58. Gauri,
  59. Seiya,
  60. Simak,
  61. Moosa,
  62. Panghan,
  63. Amliye,
  64. Dur,
  65. Lillier,
  66. Khara,
  67. Para-zehar,
  68. Sailkhadi,
  69. Zehar-Mohra,
  70. Rwat,
  71. Sona Makhi,
  72. Hazard ud,
  73. Surma,
  74. Paras.

Which planet has which gemstone, when and how should it be worn, and what are the characteristics of gemstones and jewels, which disease will benefit from wearing which gemstone? You should definitely consult an astrologer.

Power of gemstones – Gemstones have amazing power. If the gem can bring one’s fortune to the sky, then it also has the ability to bring someone from the sky to the ground. To avoid adverse effects of the gemstone, it should be worn only after proper examination.

The gemstones should be worn according to the position of the planets. While holding the gemstone, the condition and the position of the planets should also be taken care of. It is necessary to take care of quantity while wearing gemstones. If the quantity is not correct, there is a delay in the yield. The help of a learned person can also be taken for accomplishment. The gemstones of Shani and Rahu should be worn only after microscopic inspection, otherwise, they can also cause terrible damage.

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