Effect & Remedies to Reduce The Malefic Effects of Rahu And Ketu on Moon

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Effect and remedy of Rahu-Ketu on Moon in horoscope

Effect & Remedies to Reduce The Malefic Effects of Rahu And Ketu on Moon If Rahu-Ketu or Saturn is affected by the Moon in the horoscope, the native suffers from maternal debt. Moon is the representative planet of the mind, so such a person also has to suffer from constant mental disturbance. Such a person can get peace in life only after getting rid of maternal debts.

Due to ancestral debt, a person has to suffer from lack of respect and dignity, as well as in situations such as child-bearing, child-health deterioration, or child’s bad association. If the child is crippled, mentally deranged or suffering, then the person’s entire life becomes centered on him.

Rahu-Surya – Father’s Blame,
Rahu-Chandra – Defect of Mother
Rahu-Jupiter – Dada’s defect,
Rahu-Shani- There is a defect of snakebite and progeny.

To resolve these defects, first, analyze the horoscope properly and try to find out from which planet this defect is being made. Taking remedies according to the same dosha will end your suffering.

चन्द्रमा मनसो जातश्चक्षोः सूर्यो अजायत ।
श्रोत्राद्वायुश प्राणश्च मुखादग्निरजायत ।।
नाभ्या आसीदन्तरिक्षं शीणो द्यौः समवर्तत ।
पद्भ्यां भूमिर्दिशः श्रोत्रात्तथा लोकान् अकल्पयन् ॥

The moon has a very close relationship with the mind, that is why the planet Moon is considered to be the influencing factor of mental happiness peace for all beings. The moon is an aquatic planet, the moon is the lord of Cancer. It gives auspicious results in Taurus and inauspicious results in Scorpio sign. If it is in conjunction with inauspicious planets then many destructive thoughts are born in the mind. If auspicious planets are there then auspicious thoughts are generated.

Chandra’s fortune is a gemstone pearl. The color of the moon is considered white and silver. Chandra’s auspicious number is 2, 11, 20.

According to astrology, if the moon is in its own zodiac or friends, high zodiac sign, is obsessed with auspicious planets, then the moon’s auspiciousness increases. If the Moon is strong and strong in the horoscope, then the person will be successful in all tasks and will be happy with the mind. Profit is obtained from promotion and promotion of white goods business.

Moon effect
If the Moon is weak or afflicted in the body by the eye, cheeks, flesh, blood mucus, air, right eye in the woman, stomach, food pipe, uterus, ovaries, bladder, moon, then the person has heart disease Lung, asthma, diarrhea, diarrhea kidney, polyuria, jaundice, uterine diseases, menstrual irregularities, skin diseases, blood loss, pulse circles, sleep, itching, blood contamination, blisters, fever, tuberculosis, indigestion, mucus, colds, Swelling, fear of water, throat problems, abdominal pain, swelling in the lungs, tuberculosis, the lunar affected person is going to change thoughts repeatedly.

Lunar donation
Rice, milk, silver, pearl, curd, sugar candy, white cloth, white flowers or sandalwood, these items should be donated on Monday evening. People who have Moon inauspicious in their horoscope, take blessings of the mother, grandmother, grandmother, mother-in-law, and women of the same rank, to seek the auspiciousness of Moon.

Moon measures according to all sentiments

Remedies for the moon in the first house
Add water to the root of the tree.
Place silver banana on the charcoal
Put silver on the body,
One should not wake up late at night. Traveling and traveling should be avoided at night.
Offer Kheer to Lord Shiva on the full moon day,

Remedies for the moon in the second house
Press silver in the foundation of the house.
Take the mother’s blessings.

Remedies for the moon in the third house
Wear a silver bracelet
Donate water, milk, rice,

Moon remedy in the fourth house
Do not trade silver, rice, and milk.
Take silver from mother and keep it with you and take blessings from mother.
No water logging should take place at any place in the house.

Moon remedy in the fifth house
Do not be dishonest and greedy, avoid lying.
Offer Kheer to 9 Kanyavas regularly on Monday 11.
On Monday, tie rice, sugar candy in white cloth, and flow in running water.

Moon remedy in the sixth house
Have a water tank or hand pump installed in the crematorium.
Keep a piece of a silver square piece with you.
Do not drink milk at night
Serve parents

Moon remedy in the seventh house
Do not trade water and milk.
Do not hurt mother,

Moon remedy in the eighth house
Bring water from the tap of the crematorium and keep it in the house.
Avoid fraud.
Keep taking blessings of old and old.
Shraddha festival continued.
Do not build houses on the well,
Offer gram lentils in the temple,
Abstain from fornication

Moon remedy in ninth house
Donate milk and rice in a religious place
Visit the temple for a visit.
One should get blessings from elderly women.

Remedies for the moon in the tenth house
Do not consume milk at night.
Distribute medicines for free.
Keep sea, rain or river water in the house.

Moon remedy in eleventh house
Offer milk in Bhairav ​​temple.
Heat the gold needle and cool it in milk and drink that milk.
Donate milk

Remedies for the moon in the twelfth house
Keep rain water in the house.
Bow the head regularly in the place of religion or temple.

what not to do
According to the remedies mentioned in astrology, a person should not drink milk at night if the moon is weak or afflicted. Should not wear white clothes and wear gems related to the moon. When inauspicious results are obtained in the moon’s condition, chant or chant the lunar mantras.

चन्द्रका बीज मंत्र

ॐ स्रां स्रीं स्रों स: चन्द्रमसे नमः (जप संख्या ११०००)

चन्द्रमाँ का वैदिक मंत्र

ॐ दधिशंखतुषाराभं क्षीरोदार्णवसम्भवम | भाशिनं भवतया भाम्भार्मुकुट्भ शणम।।”

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