Effects and remedies of Mars, Features of Mars

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Effects and remedies of Mars

Mars is given the status of commander in the planets because if Mars is kind to you, then success in life is successful, but weak or inauspicious Mars dissolves the poison of inauspicious life. Problems are overcome by taking some measures to make Mars inauspicious, making auspicious Mars auspicious. Let’s first know the characteristics of Mars-

Features of Mars

  • Mars is considered the commander in the planets
  • Is a master of strength, energy, confidence, and might
  • Its main element is the fire element and its main color is red.
  • Copper is its metal and barley is its grain
  • Aries and Scorpio are its zodiac signs.
  • Mars is strongest in Capricorn
  • Mars is the weakest in Cancer

Bad Mars results-

  • Humans are cruel and violent
  • Confidence and courage levels are weak
  • Difficulties have to be faced in the matter of property and land.
  • Human has blood-related problems.
  • Debt and litigation are frequent
  • If Mars is inauspicious, sometimes even jail visits are made.
  • If it is related to the sense of marriage, then marital life becomes bad

Mars in the horoscope especially affects aspects of life such as happiness, property, disputes, and litigation. That is, there is a bad or inauspicious effect of Mars at every turn of life and also affects the life of human beings. After all, how to make inauspicious Mars auspicious, and what are the effective steps to make Mars inauspicious

If there is a property related problem …

  • Take a triangular orange flag on any Tuesday,
  • Write Ram with red color on it,
  • On Tuesday, take it and offer it to Hanuman Ji’s temple,
  • Your property acquisition problem will be solved

If marriage is hindered due to Mars dosha

Stop fasting every Tuesday, do not eat salt on this day, offer Hanuman Ji’s temple vermilion and red clothes in the evening after that recite “Sundarkand”

If litigation or dispute totals

  • Daily bath and offer water to the sun
  • After this, recite Hanuman Chalisa once in front of the sun.
  • Eat a sattvic diet and sleep on the ground
  • Do this experiment for twenty-seven days, you will benefit

According to astrologers, if Mars becomes inauspicious in your horoscope then it can create turmoil in your life… So it is very important to know when Mars gives inauspicious results…

Inauspicious Yoga of Mars

Angarka Yoga

  • – If Mars Rahu is together in the horoscope, then there is an Angarka Yoga.
  • – This yoga gives severe accidents, surgery, and serious blood-related problems.
  • – When this yoga happens, family relations are also bad.
  • – If this yoga is in the horoscope then keep fast for Tuesday
  • – Worship Karthikeya Ji every Tuesday

If Mars is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th position in the horoscope of the person, then this Mars is a defect. Such a person is called Manglik. Mangal Dosh cannot be ignored because it can cause problems in marital life, so it is very important to mix horoscope for Mangal Dosh before marriage… Let us now tell you what is Mangal Dosh

Mangal Dosh

  • -If Mars in the horoscope is in the Lagna, the fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house then there is a Mars defect in the horoscope.
  • – After this, the relationship becomes very sensitive, that is why it is advisable to match the horoscope.
  • – If there is a Mangal Dosh in the horoscope then there is a problem in marriage and relationships.
  • – If Mangal Dosh is giving problem, then offer Hanuman Ji regularly

Effective methods of astrology can bring happiness to your life… By adopting these measures, you can make your life beautiful.

The effect of Mars on every important aspect of life …. But the position of Mars in every person’s horoscope is not auspicious …. So today we are going to tell you that small solution … Will make you friendly and friendly very soon…

If Mars is bad then do these measures

  • If aggressive Mars is weak then wear red coral
  • Wear white coral if defensive mars are weak
  • Wear orange coral to strengthen both defensive, aggressive Mars
  • Drink water from a glass of copper
  • Wear red-colored Kalava or Rakshasutra
  • Touch the feet of the elders with both palms
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa in front of the Sun.
  • Worship Hanuman Ji and offer him Chola

If you want to make your life auspicious, then the weakness of Mars will have to be strengthened. By taking these measures, you can strengthen your defensive or offensive or both types of Mars.

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