Types of Gajakesari Yoga and benefits in different expressions

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Types of gaja kesari yoga and fruits in different expressions

Gajakesari yoga

Gajakesari yoga is the yoga of astrology, whose results in the horoscope give the person many auspicious results. What are the benefits of having this yoga in the horoscope and how this yoga is formed in the horoscope, which we will discuss today in our article? Let us first know what is Gajakesari Yoga.

What is gajakesari yoga

This yoga is formed by the sum of two auspicious planets Jupiter and Moon. Obviously, this yoga formed from two auspicious planets is considered very auspicious. If there is a combination of a guru and the moon in any of the twelfth expressions of the horoscope, then Gajakesari Yoga is considered. However, there should be no sight of any sin planet on these two planets. Even if Guru and Moon look at each other, this yoga is still formed.

If Cancer and Moon are seated in Cancer and no sin is visible in this Yuti, then it is considered to be the most auspicious Gajakesari Yoga, because Cancer is the higher zodiac sign of the Guru and the Moon’s Moon.

If the Moon sitting in the center and the Guru are looking at each other, then it is also considered as Gajakesari Yoga and it also brings benefits.

If the Guru is looking at the Moon from the fifth, seventh or ninth vision, it also creates Gajakesari Yoga, although the fifth and ninth vision are considered to be the strongest. If either of these two eyes of the Guru falls on the Moon, it is auspicious.
Gajakesari yoga is also considered auspicious in any center or triangle.

Gajakesari yoga is considered less effective in the seventh, eighth, and twelfth house. With this, if this yoga is formed in the low zodiac sign of both these planets then it would not be much beneficial.

If Gajakesari yoga is in horoscope then this yoga is considered very auspicious and the following qualities are found in people born in this yoga.

The people born in this yoga also make a lot of efforts to keep themselves fit and are courageous and agile. These efforts are also done to keep ourselves fit.

Natives of this yoga like to remain up to date.

Such people are intelligent and are also able to influence people with their speech.

By their qualities, they also gain respect in society.

They are in high positions in the job. They also have all the qualities to be a good politician. The native-born in this yoga can become proficient in many disciplines.

People born in this yoga can also be of spiritual instinct.

Benefits of Gajakesari Yoga

Being in this horoscope of yoga does not take time for a person to explain his words to people and to understand the things of people. The health of such people is also mostly healthy. People born in Gajakesari Yoga benefit from many sources. They also have a reputation in society. Such people do well in administrative services or politics. Even in family life, they have to face troubles with little.

Fruit of Gajakesari Yoga in different houses(expressions)

Gajakesari is an auspicious yoga and many benefits are received by a person, but it also gives some special results by its formation in certain expressions. Now let us know how the formation of this yoga in various expressions of the horoscope mainly results.

1.The creation of Gajakesari yoga in the first house makes the person intelligent.

2.The making of Gajkesari yoga in the second house fills the sweetness in the speech of a person and such people never lack money.

3.The making of this yoga in the third house makes a person courageous.

4.The creation of this yoga in the fourth sense makes a person a scholar and in family life also such people get auspicious results.

5.The formation of this yoga in the fifth house gives a person success in the field of education and love.

6.The formation of this yoga in the seventh house gives the person success in business and at the same time, the marital life is also peaceful.

7.The formation of this yoga in the ninth sense makes a person of religious instinct and a good advisor as well.

8.The creation of this yoga in the tenth house makes a person rich and gets tremendous success in the field.

9.The formation of this yoga in the eleventh house gives a person a high position in government services. Such people also do well in politics.

10.This yoga is not very fruitful in the seventh, eighth, and twelfth house. However, with the addition of this yoga in the double sense, one attains salvation.

The conclusion

Gajakesari is an auspicious yoga. Being present in its horoscope gives the person many auspicious results in life. However, this yoga is more effective when there is no sight of any sin planet on the planet Jupiter and Moon. Also, in some expressions, it is not considered to be very fruitful. Therefore one should thoroughly observe the horoscope before commenting on Gajakesari Yoga.

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