Good and bad effects of 9 planets in women’s horoscope

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Good and bad effects of nine planets in women’s horoscope

Auspicious Sun: If the Sun is good in a woman’s horoscope then she always leads and believes in fair justice whether she is educated or not but shows her intelligence.
Inauspicious Sun: When this sun is low or corrupted in her horoscope, then the woman carries a burden on her heart. One is never happy from the inside and the surrounding environment also maintains tension. For an event that has not happened yet, it is already troubling and disturbing others.
Complaints, talk, and banter remain on her tongue, she slowly becomes a patient of blood pressure one day with a burden on her heart, and not only she but the people living with her also fall victim to this disease.
Women with polluted sun believe in running the world on their own free will only accept their point of view and no matter how right they are.
If the sun is directly related to the soul, if it is contaminated or inferior, then the heart remains like a sunken and sunken, due to which the face starts to become dull.

Auspicious Moon: The Moon occupies an important place. Its importance in a woman’s horoscope is even more.
The nature, nature, qualities, and qualities of a woman are determined by the Moon sign.
Moon is a factor of mother, mind, brain, intelligence, nature, genitals, reproductive diseases, uterine ovaries, urinary institution, chest, and breast. Also important areas of woman’s menstruation, conception, and reproduction, etc. Come to the area.
Any woman is happy in a good moon state. The face is bright like a moon. Whites are not talked about here because the moon may have different effects with different planets of the moon.
The good moon of the horoscope makes any woman cordial, imaginative, and with a precise ideology.
Achcha Chandra also makes women religious and public servants.

Inauspicious Moon: In the horoscope of a woman, if this moon becomes of low or with any sinful planet or the birth of Amavasya or weakened, then the woman will always be confused. Every moment there will be fear of persecution, someone is chasing him or some shadow of ghosts is disturbing him. A weak or low-lying moon will make any woman stay away from crowded places and makes her recluse slowly.
The woman has a worry as if something untoward happens. It can also be caused by illnesses like crying or hysteria. Starts very silent or starts speaking too much. In such a situation, the environment of the house and family is spoiled.
Repeatedly washing hands, not letting anyone lay hands on your bed, and taking long baths is also a sign of a weak moon.
In such a situation, the horoscope should be analyzed thoroughly and measures should be taken.

Auspicious Mars: Any woman who has Mars inauspicious and strong position in her horoscope, gives her a powerful Raja Yoga. Auspicious Mars makes a woman disciplined, judicious, loved, and respected in society.
Inauspicious Mars: When the sinful and cruel planets of Mars are together, it makes the woman very forgetful, cruel, and inferior. Mars brings excitement, furiousness, and aggression in blood and nature, hence the emotions related to marriage in the horoscope – like Dwadash, Lagna, II, IV, VII, and VIII are considered inauspicious for marriage and marital life. is. Such a girl is called Manglik. But women who are in a weak position in the horoscope are lazy and callous, a little timid as well. The mind thinks, but is unable to say clearly and is surrounded by mental depression.

Auspicious Mercury: Mercury’s planet is auspicious and Rajoguni. This is a natural factor in any woman’s use of intelligence in intelligence, dexterity, speech, speech, business, education. In addition to being a double-minded, unstable, and impotent planet, the planet with which it is situated, despite being auspicious, gives fruits of the same kind.
Any woman whose Mercury is an inauspicious effect, touches all the heights of life through her speech, proves to be extremely intelligent, learned and clever, and a good advisor. Leading in business as well as solving problems in the most difficult of circumstances.

Inauspicious Mercury: If this sin is in the side effects of planets, then the woman is bitter, does not work with her intellect, that is, coming in the words of others or we can say that the ear is raw. For the event that did not happen, she is already worried and suffers from skin diseases.
Mercury is also a sign of wisdom, if it comes under the influence of a corrupted moon, it can also take a woman to suicide.

Auspicious Jupiter: Jupiter is an auspicious planet. It is also known as Guru and Jupiter is the Guru of the Gods. Brihaspati is a natural factor of wisdom, wisdom, knowledge, virtues, truth, truthfulness, morality, reverence, prosperity, respect, kindness, and justice. For any woman, it is the factor of husband, marriage, son, and household.
Auspicious Jupiter makes any woman religious, justice-loving and knowledgeable, husband-loving and good child. Along with being a scholar, she is also very humble.

Inauspicious Jupiter: Jupiter with or inauspicious planets makes a woman of selfish, greedy and cruel ideology. Couple-life is also unhappy and there is a shortage of sons and children. Diseases related to the stomach and intestines can also cause pain. Many times, the husband and wife work in different places and even after wanting to stay in one place.

Auspicious Venus: Venus is an auspicious planet. It is the natural factor of marriage, marital life, love, romance, life partner, and sexual relations. It is also a factor of beauty, the happiness of life, vehicle, fragrance, and beauty. Just as Jupiter plays an important role in any woman’s horoscope, Venus also plays a major role in married life. The good Venus of the horoscope is visible from the face. This makes the face of the woman the center of attraction. Here it is not necessary that the color of the woman is fair or dark. Beautiful – eyes and beautiful hair can be identified. If Venus of a woman is in the relationship of auspicious planets then she is also beauty-loving. With the effect of good Venus, the woman gets every comfort facility. Vehicles, Homes, Jewelry, Clothing all of the high quality. Be it a woman of any class, high, medium, or low, her good Venus provides all the luxuries. It is also necessary to say here that even if the means of income are limited, that property remains at ease. Good Venus inspires any woman towards singing, acting, poetry writing. If Venus is with Moon, the woman is emotional and if combined with Mercury, then the woman is well versed in the field of writing and at the same time, hardly anyone can win over her.
Good Venus also gives obesity in a woman. Whereupon Jupiter makes a woman unattractive by giving fat to fat, while the fat coming from Venus makes the woman look more beautiful.

Inauspicious Venus: Bad Venus of horoscope or the relationship of sinful planets or corrupted feelings of the horoscope can also cause character defects in a woman. It also points to late marriage, annoying married life, multiple marriages, divorce. If this happens, the woman should avoid wearing diamonds. Weak Venus brings diabetes, thyroid, sexual dysfunction, depression, and splendor inferiority in women.

Auspicious Saturn: Saturn is in the nature of Tamo guna and sin. It is the slowest moving, cold, sleepy, dry, depressed, and relaxed planet. It has been considered as an old planet. Therefore, it has been called a longevity supplier or auspicious planet. It is the factor of ear, teeth, bones, nerves, skin, iron elements, and air elements in the horoscope, age, life, death, vitality, generosity, calamity, underground means, and English education. Good Shani in any woman’s horoscope makes her generous, popular and keeps her at the forefront of technical knowledge. She leads and represents in every field. Also enjoys a high position in politics.

Inauspicious Saturn: Corrupted Saturn is also a delay factor in marriage and also indicates the attainment of a low-level life partner. The corrupted Saturn also makes the woman jealous and violent. It leaves no stone unturned to make her married life miserable by incorporating despair, apathy, and dullness in the woman and gradually the woman starts moving towards depression. Back pain, knee pain, or any kind of muscle pain in women is the result of corrupted Saturn. Saturn along with the Moon can give a woman the disease of insanity.

Auspicious Rahu: Rahu is considered to be a Tamo guna and shadow planet. Its effect is similar to that of Saturn. It is a factor of pungent intelligence, eloquence, autism, selfishness, disintegration and isolation, suspense, hallucinations, laziness deceit (politics), smuggling (theft), sudden events, gambling, and lies. A woman influenced by Rahu can be a good detective or a lawyer, a good politician. She foresees the coming thing. Travels abroad a lot. Rahu is placed in the horoscope and starts giving results in the same zodiac sign. If Jupiter is with or in its zodiac sign, the woman will be interested in astrology. If under the influence of Shani, you will be well versed in tantric learning. When she is with the moon, she will be entangled in many emotions, as if she is seeing something (ghosts, etc.) …., or is afraid. If she says so, then she is not saying wrong because if there is Rahu in the ascendant of the woman or in the condition of the Rahu, such confusion occurs.

Inauspicious Rahu: There is bitterness in the speech of a woman affected by bad Rahu. She also gets a little arrogant. Due to being confused, she is unable to identify the right wrong many times, as a result of which her married life is also seen to be destroyed. Due to the contaminated effect of Rahu, the woman can suffer from skin diseases, hallucinations, depression.

Auspicious Ketu: Ketu planet is hot, Tamo guna sin planet. Ketu also means flag. If it is with any planetary planet, it will make the fruit of that planet quadruple. It is also considered to be a factor of salvation. Ketu acts like Mars. If both are combined, then the effect of Mars is doubled. Ketu is also a shadow planet like Rahu, so it has no fruit of its own. The zodiac sign or the planet with which it conjuncts gives the same fruit. The woman affected by Ketu is somewhat confused. There is no ability to make quick decisions because this planet is only a symbol of the torso and Rahu is the cut head of this body. Good Ketu makes the woman in a high position, respected in society, tantra-mantra, and astrologer.

Inauspicious Ketu: Bad Ketu confuses the woman’s intellect and hinders her in taking the right decision. Causes skin disease. Lots of sexual desire also result in many times, married life becomes painful. Voice also makes you bitter. The effect of Ketu may be more or less due to the association with different planets and the position in different houses.

If your life is also going through a difficult phase or a sour relationship is occurring in mutual relations, then you may be in the state of a bad planet.

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