How will your husband or wife: according to 7th house.

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How will your husband or wife: the astrological analysis of the planet in the seventh house

According to astrology, broad information about the life partner of any person can be found. It is not that only by looking at the horoscope of the male person can be told everything about his wife or about her husband by seeing the horoscope of the female, but a rough estimate can be made. It is at least so clear that the person will be satisfied with his spouse?

In astrology, the best sentiment is seen for this. Only the seventh house tells what will be the nature of the wife, what will be the nature of the native with the wife? Some shallow information about physical characteristics and characteristics can also be found. Although for marriage, virtue matching and Mangal Dosha are predominantly seen on the basis of Melapaka i.e. Nakshatra, the best choice can be made if the seventh house is taken into consideration.

In this article, we will know that according to traditional Indian astrology, if there is a planet in the best house, what effect will it have on the married life of the native.


स्त्रीभिःगतः परिभवः मदगे पतंगे

If the Sun is situated in the seventh house from the ascendant, then the man receives the scorn of women. Though according to the sutra, it has been said only for the male native, it is seen that if the horoscope of the female person also has the sun of the best, then the woman has to bear the reproach of her husband. Spouses of such natives often humiliate the natives in a crowded meeting or even in the market. It is not that they are intended to be insulted, but most of the time, situations are created that are insulted.

Moon: –

सौम्यो ध्रिश्यः सुखितः सुशरीररः कामसंयुतोद्दूने।
दैन्यरुगादित देहः कृष्णे संजायते शशिनि।।

If there is a moon in the seventh house, then a person who is submissive to humble is happy, beautiful, and sensual. If this moon is powerless, then man is humbled and sick.


स्त्रियाँ दारमरणं नीचसेवनं नीच स्त्री संगमः।
कुजेतिसुस्तनी कठिनोर्ध्व कुचा।।

The position of seventh Mars is often told by Acharyas to be troublesome and married life in the seventh house is painful. The person is physically weak, sick, beset by enemies, and engages in worries.

Mercury: –

बुधे दारागारं गतवति यदा यस्य जनने।
त्वश्यं शैथिल्यं कुसुमशररगोत्सविधौ।।
मृगाक्षिणां भर्तुः प्रभवति यदार्केणरहिते।
तदा कांतिश्चंचत् कनकस द्रिशीमोहजननी।।

A man who is in the seventh house at the time of birth is the owner of a very beautiful woman, if Mercury is alone, it has a resplendent ear like gold which fascinates the mind. He must be relaxed in sex. His semen is weak.

Jupiter: –

शास्त्राभ्यासीनम्र चितो विनीतः कान्तान्वितात्यंतसंजात सौष्ठयः।
मन्त्री मर्त्यः काव्यकर्ता प्रसूतो जायाभावे देवदेवाधिदेवः।

When Jupiter is situated in the seventh house at the time of birth is humbled by nature. A person is the owner of a very popular and magnetized person, in his true sense, It gets the pleasure of women and money. It is a good advisor and poetry writer.


भवेत किन्नरः किन्नराणां च मध्ये।।
स्वयं कामिनी वै विदेशे रतिः स्यात्।
यदा शुक्रनामा गतः शुक्रभूमौ।।

The person who has Venus seventh house at the time of birth, his woman is superior to white color. The native gets female happiness, is proficient in singing, is sensual in vehicles, and is obsessed with strangers. The planet of marriage is Venus. Under the theory, if the planetary planet is under the causative house, then the situation does not allow normalcy, so Venus in the seventh house causes some irregularities in married life. Such a marriage of such a person often becomes a matter of discussion.

Shani: –

शरीरदोषकरः कृशकलत्रः वेश्या संभोगवान् अति दुःखी।
उच्चस्वक्षेत्रगते अनेकस्त्रीसंभोगी कुजयुतेशिश्न चुंवन परः।।

Saturn’s abode in the seventh house cannot be said to be auspicious or pleasant in any way. By having Saturn in the seventh house, the body of the person remains defective. (Dosha refers to disease) His wife is Kris. If Saturn is highly aspected or self-accustomed, then the native consumes many women. If Saturn is with Mars, the woman is very sensual, she is married to an older woman.

Rahu: –

प्रवासात् पीडनं चैवस्त्रीकष्टं पवनोत्थरुक्।
कटि वस्तिश्च जानुभ्यां सैहिकेये च सप्तमे।।

The person who has Rahu in the seventh house at the time of birth then has two marriages. The first woman dies, the second woman has gum disease, leprosy, etc. And the person is angry, one who does harm to others is proud and unsympathetic to the adulteress.

Ketu: –

द्दूने च केतौ सुखं नैव मानलाभो वतादिरोगः।
न मानं प्रभूणां कृपा विकृता च भयं वैरीवर्गात् भवेत् मानवानाम्।

If Ketu is in the seventh house then the native is insulted. There is no affliction of a woman, son, etc. Expenses increase, the king’s fear of enemies and water fears remain. That person is engaged in adulterous women.

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