Introduction of Aries ascendant

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Aries Ascendant

Introduction of Aries ascendant

A person born in Aries ascendant is of medium stature, fair and reddish in color, with flickering eyes, with sharp eyes, is able to find the heart of the mind immediately. The native has thick and firm thighs, brown mixed black hair, shiny teeth, and a long face. The body of such a person is also strong. The amount of blood in the eyes is slightly higher. He is clever and capable of making quick decisions and is rich in independent ideas. Smiling transcends obstacles even in crises. Flexible in religious matters, he keeps following it even while having rebellious views towards social conventions. It progresses in the state and society and is seen in terms of reverence in caste. He does not hesitate to donate when the money is in his hand. He is ready to undertake inaccessible works even while traveling by sea or fearing water. Such individuals are particularly interested in scientific ideas or works. Performs each task in a planned manner. Even after being born in an ordinary family, he reaches a high position with his talent and intelligence. One gets very angry with the opposite thing or work, but again it becomes calm too soon. Arts, science is interested in music and astrology. He has a natural tendency toward beauty. The rise and fall in his life are also inevitable.
If there is the influence of Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn on the Lagna or Lagna then there are more health-related problems and there is more possibility of a problem in the brain.

Importance of nine planets in Aries

*Surya would be the master of knowledge, intelligence, and children in your horoscope. Sun is a factor in your horoscope. Surya works to give success in the examinations of the competition, honor from the state, power.

*Moon is the lord of mother, land, building, and household happiness in your horoscope. The moons are the causative planets in your horoscope.

*Mars is the owner of physical health, beauty, age, and life advancement in your horoscope. Mars is the causative planet in your horoscope.

*Mercury is the younger brother in your horoscope, master of might, disease, and enemy. Mercury is a non-existent planet in your horoscope.

*Guru is the owner of the fortune, religion, higher education, contact with external places, and expenses in your horoscope. Guru is the causative planet in your horoscope and is also common nonfiction.

*Venus is the owner of wealth, family, wife, and daily business in your horoscope. In terms of health, Venus is ineffective, but if we become weaker then there is a decrease in the happiness and wealth of the wife and the happiness of the family.

*Shani is the father of your horoscope, father of the state, employment, elder brother, and income. Saturn is a non-existent planet in your horoscope.

Introduction of Aries ascendant


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