Introduction of Gemini Ascendant

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Gemini Ascendant “मिथुन लग्न”

Introduction of Gemini Ascendant

People born in Gemini ascendant are hard working and are engaged in making every moment of life meaningful. It becomes their nature to work hard day and night. Such individuals are long-time individuals and have good health. Raised brain, small sharp eyes, the slight scar of bruise or injury on the face, slightly raised proportionately and the dark black case can be characterized by his personality. If the Gemini zodiac sign is weak then the face of the person is of some length, otherwise, the square face is in a proportion.
Such individuals try to do many tasks at once or think about many subjects simultaneously. They achieve complete success in the field they adopt, but there is one more thing with it, they start each task with as much enthusiasm and gradually become relaxed and by the end, it seems as if that work You are not doing it but you are dragging it. Such people have a special passion for reading and writing. He writes mostly and reads too much. The hunger for reading is found only in childhood. If the Guru is looking at the Lagna, then he earns fame in writing work, but the writing of such a person is done on various subjects rather than on any one subject or topic. Such people do not deliberately fall into the trap of people, but they can be cheated due to sentimentality but they are recovered very quickly. His personality is very influential, due to which the unknown person also impresses him through his words and gets his work done out of him. Such people have a deep love for the opposite sex. There are lovers of dance, music, instruments, comedy proficient, sweet-speaking, craftsman, poet, mathematician, etc.

Importance of planets in Gemini Ascendant

*Surya is the brother of younger brothers and sisters in your horoscope. The Sun is a non-planets in your horoscope.

*Moon is the lord of wealth and family in your horoscope. The Moon is a common mark in your horoscope, but if it becomes weak or afflicted, it also destroys wealth.
Mars is the owner of the disease, enemy, elder brother, and income in your horoscope. Mars is a non-existent planet in your horoscope.

*Mercury is your lord of physical health, beauty, age, advancement in life, mother, land, building, and domestic happiness in your horoscope. Buddha is the causative planet in your horoscope.

*Guru is the wife, daily business, father, owner of the state, and employment in your horoscope. Guru feels Kendrapadhipati Dosha, so it is necessary for Guru to be strong.

*Venus is your lord of knowledge, wisdom, children, contact with external places, and expenses in your horoscope. Venus is the causative planet in your horoscope.

*Shani is the lord of age, fortune, religion, and higher education in your horoscope. Saturn is the common non-planets in your horoscope.



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