Introduction to Cancer Ascendant

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Cancer Ascendant “कर्क लग्न”

Introduction to Cancer Ascendant

Cancer ascendant heads are physically beautiful. The body is a curious character. His persona with a beautiful smile is easily attractive. Thick long black hair, advanced frontal, sharp and pointed nose, thin and beautiful lips, mysterious smile add charm to his personality. With long arms, a wide chest, and a confident heart, these instincts become the favorite characters of the people. The height is moderate and physical formation is soft.
People born in Cancer ascendant are tolerant and tolerant by nature. They also deliberately tolerate atrocities while on their own. Such persons are extremely gentle, sweet, tolerant, humble, and emotional. Such individuals believe more in mental labor than in manual labor. The inner feeling of inferiority also prevails. A little work that goes against their interest, then they fall prey to inferiority. It is their nature to see pain and suffering greatly reduced. These people are more successful in academic and political fields. Sometimes you also lose yourself due to emotionality. The childhood of such persons can be called pleasant. They have to fight hard in puberty. Nevertheless, they keep moving towards their goal slowly and find their destination. Cancer ascendant heads are imaginative. They make and delete hundreds of plans. These types of individuals become successful poets and storytellers. These people also succeed in planning related tasks. Family life can be called normal. He loves children and his wife deeply. Married life is not happy, yet they spend their lives on women and children. Such natives are pathetically in conversation. How to talk, how to influence the front side, and tie them in your group, this art comes to them and they use it to their fullest in life. These people have their own principles. It has its own and definite methodology and is strongly dynamic on the principles it adopts. It can break when it is time but do not know how to bend. Such people are honest. They are famous for justice. Sometimes such people are also judges. People born in Cancer Ascendant are often leaders.
Due to the influence of Rahu, Saturn, Ketu on Cancer ascendant or Moon, mental problems are very high. The brain remains unstable. The relationship between Mars and the Moon is very good. But if Rahu, Ketu, Saturn are sighted or affected, then it is not possible to get the full results.

Importance of planets in Cancer Ascendant.

*Sun is the lord of wealth and family in your horoscope. If the Sun is strong, then the state is empowered. In its condition, the Sun gives the best happiness of wealth and family. Surya is the common Markesh in your horoscope.

*Moon is the factor of physical health, age, beauty, and progress in your horoscope. The Moon would have been a factor in your horoscope.

*Mars is the master of knowledge, intelligence, children, state, employment, and father in your horoscope. Mars is the Raja Yoga factor in your horoscope. Mars is the dominant factor in your horoscope.

*Mercury in your horoscope there are factors of younger siblings, might contact with external places and expenses. Mercury is a non-existent planet in your horoscope.
Guru is the master of luck, religion, higher education, disease, and enemy in your horoscope. Guru is both a factor and a non-aspect in your horoscope.

*Venus is the mother of your horoscope, land, building, household happiness, and income. Venus in your horoscope is non-planets in relation to health. But being weak also results in loss of money and income.

*Shani is the wife, daily business, and age owner in your horoscope. Saturn is ineffective in relation to wealth in your horoscope, but if it becomes weak then it will harm the health and age of the wife.






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