Introduction to Leo Ascendant

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Leo Ascendant “सिंह लग्न”

Introduction to Leo Ascendant

People born in Leo ascendant have a healthy body and a strong personality. Those who have magnetic attraction and as a result of this hypnotic personality, befriend others immediately. They have large arms and legs and a wide chest. Has medium hair, dark blue or black eyes, and thick hair on eyebrows. Eyebrows are mixed. The body is strong and nature is fierce.

A person born in Leo ascendant is somewhat obstinate, stubborn, or not inclined. Rage rarely comes, but once filled with resentment, it is also very quiet and ends the enemy. Nature is serious but they also have a tendency to talk sarcastically. Those who have the primacy of this element take an interest in keeping a deep friendship with the artists and also believe in the arts of music etc. Such individuals make a successful attempt to mold themselves in all kinds of situations of life, or it is said that they adapt to each type of life circumstances. Such a person is discipline-loving and confident and believes in true love. They are liberal in terms of religion. How to control your emotions can be learned from such a person.

In life, they remain completely honest with whom they adopt and they are ready to offer everything in the name of friendship. The Jataka of Leo Ascendant has an amazing ability to rule but often becomes extinct when successful or satisfied. But it takes a lifetime to fulfill a particular purpose. The lion element is the murderer of the enemies. There is also a show of might in the battle with enthusiasm. Such natives are mostly recruited in police or army and also get success in this field. With this spontaneous mastery in this field than any other field, they attain high rank soon. Those who have the predominance of this zodiac element and are in high degrees are successful Thanedars, Superintendents of Police, Major or Colonel, and also gain fame by showing skill in war or warlike tasks.

Due to the skeptical tendency, these people also succeed in the intelligence department. Such a person has only one son as an exception or there may be more planetary positions that are called Kuldeepak and furthering the prestige of the father.

The people born in Leo ascendant are happy in the initial stage, unhappy in the middle, and fully happy in the last phase.

Importance of planets in Leo ascendant.

*Sun is the master of physical health and age in your horoscope. They give state, wealth, health benefits, fame, and glory in their condition. Sun is a factor in your horoscope.

*Moon is the owner of the outer space and expenses in your horoscope. The moons remain neutral in your horoscope. If weakened, then they cause disorder and wastage, and poverty in the eye.

*Mars is the owner of mother, land, house, fortune, and higher education in your horoscope. Mars is the dominant factor in your horoscope.

*Mercury is the owner of income, elder brothers and sisters, collection of wealth and family in your horoscope. Mercury is also a common non-compound and factor in your horoscope. If they are weak, they also cause a loss of money and separation from family.

*Guru is the master of knowledge, wisdom, children, and age in your horoscope. Guru is a factor in your horoscope and common non-formative.

*Venus in your horoscope are younger siblings, might, father, state, and owner of employment. Sun is ineffective in your horoscope, but due to being weak, the wife’s health and state-related issues are lacking.

*Shani is the wife, occupation and disease and the owner of the enemy in your horoscope. Shani is in your horoscope. In their condition, they give diseases and suffer debt and destroy money.



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