Introduction to Libra Ascendant

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Libra Ascendant”तुला लग्न”

Introduction to Libra Ascendant

People born in Libra ascendant are ideal, spirit-oriented, Satyavan, advocates of justice, honest, kind, humble, possessing the power to make quick decisions. With his influence, he makes others friendly and is ready to do constructive work. Such a person of moderate stature can be called beautiful.

Some tall faces, open blond colors, always smiling, proficient in talking, adept and cheerful in explaining their point to the opposition. Such people are skilled in making friends, but at the same time, they are careful in themselves that they do not give any chance that it will be cheated. They are adept at anticipating situations. The greatest feature of such individuals is that they recognize humans immediately. It is easy that the mind takes steam from the thoughts of what is in the heart of the person in front, how much it can be a seeker or hindrance for me.

No one can easily find out what is in the heart of these people. They maintain a smile on the face even when there is a vacancy in the heart. Smiling even after stumbling becomes the nature of their life. It is very difficult to foresee any of these faces. Such people are justice-loving and face injustice wherever they see it. Such individuals have been seen to be successful in the political arena. It is easy for them to keep the crowd under control or to mesmerize the public through speech. We know very well how the opposing side can be done in its favor.

He also has a sense of benevolence. Such a person is the one giving food to the poor, serving the guest. The heart of such people soon becomes fluid and can be called saintly and truthful in the true sense. Such people are also interested in arts like music etc. The prime motto of their life is accumulation and they do not feel hesitant to do any work that gets the money. Those who attach importance to art in life also have this tendency in their origin.

Such individuals are successful in most business functions. They also have a tendency to have rights in the transaction, deal, buy, or sell rights. They are also successful in that. Storekeeper, general manager, successful businessman, the successful broker can become such a person.

Family life can be said to be successful and can be said to be fortunate in the field of a wife. Although both husband and wife do not hold a thought at one point, they do it in their favor. This can be said to be common in children. Such individuals are mostly self-made. In early life, they do not get any special help from family or relations but due to hard work, work readiness, honesty, and truth, they get success as a result. Success in keeping their officers happy in the field of jobs. Truth, justice, honesty, and self-confidence are easily found in his life.

Importance of planets in Libra ascendant

*Sun is the owner of income, profit and elder brother and sister in your horoscope. The condition of the Sun is good in the state of affairs and it also receives state honors. There are Sun factors in your horoscope.

*Moon is the father, state, and lord of employment in your horoscope. These are completely causal planets.

*Mars is the wife of your horoscope, owner of business, money, and family. Mars is in your horoscope.

*Mercury is your lord of fortune, higher education, and relationship with external places and expenses in your horoscope. Mercury gives auspicious results in your horoscope.

*Guru is the younger brother and sister of your horoscope, might, disease and enemy. Guru is ineffective in your horoscope.

*Venus is the lord of health, beauty, age in your horoscope. Venus is a factor in your horoscope.

*Saturn is the owner of mother, land, house, household happiness, children, and learning in your horoscope. Shani is a factor in your horoscope.






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