Introduction to Sagittarius Ascendant

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Sagittarius Ascendant “धनु लग्न”

Introduction to Sagittarius Ascendant

People born in Sagittarius Ascendant are mostly of philosophical thought. He has a strong faith in God. He thinks or believes easily on subjects like soul, God, Jiva, Hans, Brahma, Maya, etc. Such people are very much believers. Body formation is beautiful and stylish. They are characterized by a round and attractive face, black-yellow hairstyle, sharp and blooming eyes, and a charming smile. Such a person has gross thigh and abdomen. There is bulk in the body. Such people are useful for friends, living near the king, knowledgeable, knowledgeable in many arts, adhering to the truth, intelligent, beautiful, virtuous, superior nature.

Such people instinctively believe in others but others take undue advantage of their simplicity. Such people stay away from the texture. Many times people make mistakes in understanding such people, but later on, it becomes known that this person is very good. Such individuals perform each task with integrity. If such a person becomes the police Thanedar, then they do peace in their area. They never show their backs if they are soldiers. They help every unhappy person. If a person is torturing someone in vain, then he does not miss punishing him.

Walking and standing is an indicator of their confidence. In particular, such a person gets annoyed with the slightest joke, but the sooner they become warm, the sooner they become calm. They take special care of their dignity and when they get angry, they have no awareness of what may be the result but at the same time, their personality is such that they do not hesitate to apologize to the enemy even when they are calm.

Such persons are of merchant type and give the most important to the matter. They have knowledge of how to store fluid in life, but they remain free. Expenditure increases more than income, as a result, there is less possibility of depositing money.

Such individuals are also hardworking, so do not let the economic balance deteriorate. There are time restrictions. It is their nature to work on time. We appreciate the time and want others to take full care of time. Such people do not lie in vain but if they prove their selfishness in doing so, then they do not even feel hesitant in false speech. It is their duty to help any unhappy, and sometimes they become indifferent to their interests. There is no inactivity or inaction in life. They disgust with pretense, hypocrisy, vain displays, and sarcasm. They love the simplicity and want to see their children in the same way. A simple life is the idea of ​​their life. Such people are afraid of God and talk to God. Pooja recitals regularly at home.

They are very attractive towards opposite sex creatures but there is a feeling of complete love, reverence, and respect in their heart. There is honesty about his thoughts and words. At the same time, such people are also firm in word. He has complete control in the matter of food etc. Do their actions and behaviors create such an environment that others always live in deception or confusion. What exactly are these? Other instincts cannot be accurately guessed about them. Family life can be called melodious.

Importance of planets in Sagittarius Ascendant

*Sun is the lord of luck, religion, and higher education in your horoscope. Sun is the causative planet in your horoscope.

*Moon is the lord of age in your horoscope. The moons are the causative planets in your horoscope.

*Mars is the owner of knowledge, wisdom, children, contact with external places, and expenses in your horoscope. Mars is a factor in your horoscope and common non-planets.

*Mercury is your wife, daily business, father, owner of the state, and employment in your horoscope. Mercury seems to be the centerpiece defect, so it is necessary for Buddha to be strong.

*Guru is the owner of physical health, beauty, age, mother, land, and building in your horoscope. Guru is the causative planet in your horoscope.

*Venus in your horoscope are diseases, enemies, elder brothers, and lords of income. Venus has non-planets for health in your horoscope, but if you are strong, income is good.

*Saturn is the lord of wealth, family, might, and younger siblings in your horoscope. Saturn is a non-existent planet in your horoscope.



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