Introduction to Scorpio Ascendant

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Scorpio Ascendant”वृश्चिक लग्न”

Introduction to Scorpio Ascendant

A person born in Scorpio ascendant is a knight, extremely considerate, angry, worshiped by kings, virtuous, scholar, enemy destroyer, Tamo guna, knowing of others, bitter nature, and doing service. People born in Scorpio ascendant have a healthy body, strong athletic, and stunning. Such a person is characterized by his stature, muscular body, huge brain, bright frontal, splintered black hair, raised and shining eyes.

His personality instinctively attracts others towards him. Such people of magnetic personality are rich and popular. He leads in the field of love and feels comfortable attraction towards the opposite vagina. They are not able to control their emotions easily and soon believe in others. Till this self-interest is proved, the enemies do not hesitate to sit on their shoulders but after selfishness, they do not take any time to trample it under their feet. Such people are courageous and aggressive and they flare up when there is a slight contradiction.

Male element predominant such people feel pleasure in teasing others. The nature of Scorpio ascendant native is also similar to that of a scorpion, who is an avenger by nature, and does not miss revenge as soon as the opportunity comes to hand. He does not forget this and is always looking for an opportunity to avenge the hatred.

Such individuals have a magnetic personality. Which attracts others easily. They are helpful in establishing a friendship. At first glance, it takes steam from which person how to work. Their lives are broadened and they are clever in dealing with the opponents. Their enemies are the least. The number of friends is more. Where he benefits from a friend, he also helps him a lot when the time comes. Such individuals can be called successful.

In the political field, such people are completely successful. If it is time to tell the best lie and if it is useful, then it is a game of their left hand to prove that lie as true. Mischief keeps dancing in their eyes. Where they play full friendship, they can prove to be fierce if they become enemies. Such individuals can be called complete opportunists. If necessary, the feet of the front is also touched, but after getting out of reason it does not take long to stumble.

It is very thoughtful that they give space to someone else in their life, but they are fully sympathetic with the one they give and do their utmost to elevate it. Beautiful women, their weakness can go somewhere. It does not hesitate to tell even the secret secrets of the women by turning around the women. Such people are more indulgent, but the cover of civilization is so much overshadowed by them that it is not clear.

They are unsuccessful in the field of love and are also maligned twice in life. Which makes a difference in their reputation. Household life cannot be said to be successful. Very few are made in husband and wife and Raj is adept at hiding from his wife. Their happiness can also be normal.

Success in the field of education. Such a person can be a successful philosopher, professor, reader, and religious person and appears to be progressing in this field soon. The ears are raw and soon believe the statement of others, as a result of which they have to suffer loss in life. By nature they are warm and they talk in whispers, displaying their privacy becomes their nature.

They embroil whatever task they start and themselves get entangled in it and then leave it and sit away. If such a person becomes a soldier then he does not show his back in battle. Always ready to help an unhappy person. If someone is persecuting someone, he does not miss punishing him. Walking and standing is an indicator of their confidence. Youth is the best in life, but after 45 years of life, their tendency tends towards spirituality. The new idea can be called rich wisdom.

Importance of planets in Scorpio ascendant

*Sun is the father, state, and owner of employment in your horoscope. Sun is the factor for your horoscope.

*Moon is the lord of luck and higher education in your horoscope. Moon is the factor for your horoscope.

*Mars is the owner of health, progress in life, disease, and enemies in your horoscope. Mars is the factor for your horoscope.

*Mercury is the owner of income, profit, elder siblings, and age in your horoscope. Mercury is ineffective for your horoscope but gives good results even when it is strong and income is good.

*Guru is the owner of wealth, family, knowledge, intelligence, and children in your horoscope. Gurus are factors for your horoscope.

*Venus is the owner of your horoscope, wife, business, outdoor space, and expenses. Venus is a non-conformable planet for your horoscope.

*Saturn is the master of might, small siblings, mother, land, property, and domestic happiness in your horoscope. Shani is a factor in your horoscope.


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