Introduction to Virgo Ascendant

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Virgo Ascendant”कन्या लग्न”

Introduction to Virgo Ascendant

The native-born in Virgo ascendant is usually as a woman. Female tenderness is easily found in them. He has a particular tendency in creative works. Height is medium. The color is fair. The sharp nose map, beautiful texture, advanced frontal, sharp long and black eyes, sharply raised nose, thin lips, and raised chin can be seen in his personality.

Such persons prove to be cheerful, clever, and successful friends. Such people are emotional. They are completely unsuccessful in rigorous and gruesome tasks. He hates war, etc. Such individuals can be successful psychologists. They have tremendous power to test a human being and sit inside him in a few moments. They consider their principles to be paramount and on the basis of these principles, they try to see others. He has deep faith in- justice. They are successful in peace operations. Such individuals achieve success in doctors, nurses, decision-making tasks, etc.

Such individuals are imaginative and survive in imagination. In the harsh conditions of life, you get nervous immediately, and making air forts in the imagination of lakhs becomes part of their nature. Live more in imagination than in reality. Mostly they remain cool in themselves. Others do not care what they think about them, what they say, or what perception they make, or accept the suggestion of others. They do what they like. If such persons are in the field of politics then they are successful. It is easy for them to freeze their views on the public, or to get the crowd in their favor, or to make the public favorable through speech. The power to speak remains.

They are very emotional in the field of love and do not hesitate to give their all to the opposite sex. In the name of friendship, they are willing to make the biggest sacrifice. This type of person can prove to be a successful lover, a successful philosopher, and a successful friend. Truth is the support of their life. The work of assault is not in their control. Can also be good preachers. Honesty is also the aim of their life. It is not easy to draw any conclusions from the talk of such people because such people talk about inappropriate things. There is a special trend towards learning. The qualities of women, tenderness, shame, sentimentality, and motherly love are found in them.

The importance of planets in the ascendant.

*Sun in your horoscope is the owner of the eye, relation to the outer space and expenses. If the Sun is in an inauspicious position in your horoscope, then it will give benefits, health, and glory to the state.

*Moon is the elder brother in your horoscope and the owner of income. Moon is the common factor in your horoscope.

*Mars is the younger brother in your horoscope, the lord of might and age. Mars is a non-existent planet in your horoscope. Weak Mars also reduces in age.

*Buddha is the owner of physical health-beauty, age, father, state, and employment in your horoscope. Mercury is the causative planet in your horoscope.

*Guru is the owner of mother, land, building, household happiness, wife, and daily business in your horoscope. Guru feels Kendrapadhipati dosha.

*Shukra is the lord of wealth, family, fortune, religion, and higher education in your horoscope. Venus is the causative planet in your horoscope.

*Saturn is the master of knowledge, intelligence, children, disease, and enemies in your horoscope. Saturn is the common non-planets in your horoscope.








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