Kalsarpa yoga struggles, remedies

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Kalsarpa yoga struggles, remedies

Normally Kalsarp Yoga brings struggles in the life of the native. Being situated in the horoscope of this yoga, the person struggles with many types of mental, physical, and physical difficulties throughout his life. And he gets success in his last life, the person has to face the troubles of home, work, health, family, marriage, success, job, business, etc. throughout his life. Problems of any kind bother throughout life. Twelve types of Kalsarp Yoga are found in the horoscope, these twelve types are based on the different positions of the twelve houses of Rahu and Ketu’s horoscope. Let’s find out what are these twelve types of Kalsarp Yoga, Dosha located in the horoscope.

1 Anant Kalsarp Dosh

When Rahu is placed in the first house of the horoscope, Ketu in the seventh house, and Rahu and Ketu, the seventh house of the rest, it is called Anant Kalsarp Yoga. Anant Kalsarp Yoga, Dosha affects the married life of a person very badly. With time, the tension between the native and the life partner of the person increases. Illegitimate relations of the native may be out. That is why it can reach a divorce. The native does not have sweetness in relationship with his life partner. The native struggles throughout his life due to Anant Kalsarp yoga, Dosh and does not achieve complete success. Success is not found in peace, trade, partnership, self-respect, marital happiness, and livelihood.

2 Kulik Kalasarp Dosha: –

When Rahu is placed in the second house of the horoscope and Ketu in the eighth house and the rest of the seven houses Rahu and Ketu, then it is called Kulik Kalsarp yoga, Dosh. The person who has Kulik Kalsarp yoga, Dosh in the Kudli adopts the wrong habits of eating and drinking alcohol. Also consumes tobacco, cigarettes, etc., the native takes this habit from an early age, due to this, the person is distracted from studies and gets into other wrong actions. Such people are more prone to urine, semen, kidney, hemorrhoids, constipation, mouth, and throat diseases …. There is a shortage of money. And these people have no control over speech, so there is slander in the society as well. Natives suffering from Kulik Kalsarp yoga, Dosh can have a terrible accident by driving a vehicle in intoxication or inebriation.

3 Vasuki Kalsarp Dosh: –

When Rahu is placed in the third house, Ketu in the ninth house, and all other houses in the middle of these two, then Vasuki Kaalsharp yoga, Dosh is created. Those people who have Kulik Kalsarp yoga, Dosh defect in their horoscope have to face bad luck in all areas of life, failure comes due to hard work and honesty. Jataka’s younger brothers and sisters or their relations have a bad effect. The native has to suffer through long journeys and does not believe in deeds of religion. Due to Kulik Kalsarp yoga, Dosh, the earning of the native can also be very low and due to repeated interruptions in job, promotion, business, and fortune, the person may have to lead a life of helplessness.

4 Shankhapal Kalasarp Dosha: –

Shankhapal Kalasarpa yoga, Dosh is formed when Rahu is placed in the fourth house, Ketu in the tenth house, and all other houses are situated between Rahu and Ketu. The people who have Kulik Kalsarp yoga, Dosh defect in their horoscope, they are spoiled from childhood by falling into wrong deeds, such as stealing money from the father’s pocket, running away from school, staying in the wrong company, and playing stealing and gambling, etc. If parents take timely measures, then children can be saved from deteriorating. Jataka’s mother has to face a lot of problems in life, these problems can be both mental and physical. The native does not even get the pleasure of marriage, there is always a conflict with the husband or wife.

5 Padam Kalsarp Dosh: –

When Rahu is placed in the fifth house, Ketu in the eleventh house, and all the rest of the houses between them, then Padma Kalsarp yoga, Dosh is created. One has to face many difficulties in life. In early life, there is an obstacle in the study of the native for some reason, if education is not complete, then there is a problem in getting a job. After marriage, problems have to be faced in the birth of children such as hard work and children being sick. The bad effects of Padma Kalsarp yoga, Dosh can deceive you into love, you may fall prey to illusion, due to bad company, this dosha has a very bad effect on the students’ lives, they must take the remedy of this Padma Kalsarp yoga, Dosh because our whole life Is based on a good education.

6 Mahapadam Kalsarp Dosh: –

Mahapadam Kalasarp yoga, Dosh is formed in the horoscope when Rahu is placed in the sixth house, Ketu in the twelfth house, and all the rest of the house between them. Mahapadam Kalasarp yoga, Dosh gives rise to serious problems in the life of a person, such as job, occupation, disease, expenses, jail travel. The person keeps changing his career throughout his life because his relations with his colleagues are always bad. One can always study in some government and court proceedings until the journey to jail. Due to various types of diseases, the native has to visit the hospitals every day. In particular, one always suffers from the disease, enemies, and debt. In this way, Mahapadam Kalasarp yoga, Dosh makes the life of the person unfortunate.

7 Takshak Kalsarp Dosh: –

Rahu in the seventh house of the horoscope, Ketu in the first house and the rest of the house between the two, creates Takshak Kalsarp yoga, Dosh. First of all, Takshak Kalsarp yoga, Dosh has a bad effect on his health. The person has very little power to fight against diseases in the body and hence he keeps falling sick again and again and can cause sexual problems too. The second bad effect is on the married life of the native, either the marriage of the person is delayed and even if it happens, after a few years of marriage, the husband and wife get so much distance that after staying in a house, both of them are strangers As they live life The native gets cheated by colleagues in his business and has to suffer a huge financial loss. It is more effective at the age of 36 to 42.

8 Karkotak Kalsarp Dosha: –

When Rahu is in the eighth house, Ketu in the second house, and all the other houses between them, then Karkotak Kalsarp yoga, Dosh is created. Due to the effect of Takshak Kalsarp yoga, Dosh, the life of the native is very bad, the person always uses bitter speech with everyone, due to which his relations deteriorate from his family and he gets away from them. In many cases, you also have to wash your hands with the ancestral property. The native spoils his health due to wrong drinking habits, sometimes poisoning or suicide can lead to death. Due to lack of family happiness, many times there are fruits like non-marriage, delay of marriage, but due to this defect, the person always lacks physical relations and does not get the full enjoyment of marital happiness.

9 Shankhanad Kalsarp Dosh: –

Rahu in the ninth house of the horoscope, and Ketu in the third house…. And if the rest of the house is stuck between them, then it is called Shankhanad Kalasarp yoga, Dosh. ….. The life of the native is affected, the person does not get any luck or luck in any area of ​​life, the work made goes bad without any reason. One has to work hard for life practice. In Jataka, this defect has a bad effect on his father and people say that after the arrival of this child, there were problems in the house. This Kalasarp also creates a kind of Pitra Dosha, due to which the native has to face troubles like failure, counter-insurgency, defamation, patriarchy, lucklessness, and financial crisis.

10 Ghatak Kalsarp Dosha: –

When Rahu is in the tenth house and Ketu in the fourth house and all the other houses are stuck between them, then the component Ghatak Kalsarp yoga, Dosh is formed. Life has a very bad effect, the person always struggles with business and job problems, if he does the job, then his relationship with high officials is not good, does not progress, he has to stay in the same position for many years. And that’s why there is no peace of mind with any work, and business or job has to be changed again and again. This Ghatak Kalsarp yoga, Dosh also has a bad effect on the health and relationship of the parents, and for some reason, the native has to live separately from them and may also be devoid of parental wealth.

11 VishDhar kalasarp dosha: –

Rahu in the eleventh place, Ketu in the fifth place, and all other houses between these two creates a poisonous Vishdhar Kalsarp yoga, Dosh in the horoscope. Due to this defect, the person suffers from eye, insomnia, and heart disease, relations with elder siblings are not good, courts, etc. The native’s memory is weak, that is why he is unable to study properly. The native does not always get proper income in business, he makes less profit by applying for more money. Due to this yoga, the person suffers financial troubles. There is cheating in love relationships and after marriage, there are problems in the birth of children, after birth the health of the children is also poor or the child is also insulted, old age remains unhappy.

12 Sheshnag Kalasarp Dosha: –

Rahu in the twelfth house of the horoscope, Ketu in the sixth house, and all other houses between these two, creates Sheshnag Kalsarp yoga, Dosh. Causes many problems in life. The native is always troubled by secret enemies, his secret enemies are more, the person is always surrounded by some disease, so surgery or repeated admissions in hospital costs more on his treatment. … Due to this defect the native has to stay away from the place of birth, jail journey is also possible by participating in wrong actions.

Some remedies to get relief from Kalsarp yoga: –

*Continuous Shiva-Upasana-Abhisheka, or Mahamrityunjaya (18 beads) daily, does not affect the Kalasarpa yoga, dosh.

*By making a black stone serpent statue and Shivling … by constructing its temple …. by making it a life-size, this defect is always perpetuated.

*With the shape of a proven and famous Shivalinga, the snake of a copper snake in the Brahmamuhurta of Pranapratishtha karva silently without telling anyone… even by climbing on the lingam, Kalasarpa yoga, dosh does not effect for a long time.

*If ever the dead snake is equal in length to the jatak… if ever found… then by cremating it with ghee and blood-sandal… consider a three-day sutak… and then in the Vedic manner thirteenth etc. After performing the entire death ritual… .. If the serpent of gold and silver flow in the holy water with the mantra method, then Kalasarpa yoga, dosh does not have a disheartening effect.

*By going to Ujjain or Nashik in proper Muhurta, with Vedic-Tantra method… by performing Nagavali rituals there, doing short anointing in the same place, Kalasarpa yoga, dosh becomes peaceful.

*By writing the mantra “Snake-Detoxification” on the picture of peacock or Garuda and chanting the same Mantra by doing 18000 chants … by tithes home, tarpan, marjana, by giving proper Dakshina to the Brahmins by making food made of milk …. .. then the blame of Kalasarpa yoga, dosh becomes silent.

*By installing the nag-garuda booty(Herb) with appropriate tantra vidhi, containing the right mechanism in your house ….. and holding the piece of this booty(Herb) like a talisman, also … Kalasarpa yoga, dosh keeps calm.

Kalasarpa yoga, dosh Locket:-

*(Gomedak + Cat,s Eye): – Make these two gems in the right panchadhatu by making a locket …. Full chanting of mantras of Rahu and Ketu and holding the tithes home, tarpan, marjan, and holding it on the heart.

If any of these yogas are being formed with Kalasarp, Pitra-Dosha, Pitrasharap, Phantom-Yoga, Venom-Yoga, Chandal-Yoga, Angaraka-Yoga or Eclipse-Yoga, etc. then it becomes very painful … and more Sufferings have to be faced.

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