Main signs and negative, positive effects of Rahu

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Main signs and negative, positive effects of Rahu

Main symptoms of Rahu-

Effect — stomach diseases, brain diseases, insanity, itchiness, entering the body of ghost-chicks, jogging without talking, getting used to drugs, making various relationships with wrong women or men, applying various diseases, alcohol And to ruin oneself in the face of youthfulness, constantly sit on TV and entertainment tools, get used to watching horror shows, do magic or cremation work for ghosts and spiritual forces, due to excessive sexuality inside the body Continuously forming sexual relations and taking measures to end life by applying tuberculosis lung diseases after semen expires or after menstruation ends, cutting blood from the body and removing blood from their blood Ending your life, getting into the habit of taking drugs, not sleeping, feeling of ants crawling in the body, abusing the habit, showing your manhood while driving on the road, etc.

If the above kind of expressions is found, then one must understand that the Rahu’s wrath is on the body in some way, or the condition of Rahu is going on, and due to the mistakes of the old ancestors, the native has to face Rahu in such a type.

Negative effect of Rahu-

Let us know something negative about Rahu. We all know that Guru Rahu makes Chandal Dosh, Surya Rahu Pitru Dosh, Eclipse Dosh, Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosh, Shani Rahu Cursed Dosh, Mangal Rahu make Angarak Dosh. Similarly, the association of Rahu spoils the auspicious planet. This planet reads different effects on everyone’s life. It makes more impact in life from complete atheist to madness. It depends on how many portions of Rahu is in your life, and how weak is the dominant planet. When Saturn in the horoscope is in the low zodiac, weak or ill effects then Rahu starts giving more ill effects.

According to astrology, Rahu is a symbol of research, bitter speech, foreignness, lack of things and their desire, logic, lies, cunning, power, dignity, gambling, quarreling, suicide, slavery, wrong reasoning, etc.
At the same time, Ketu is considered a symbol of ultimate liberation, imprisonment, salvation, suicide, guilty person, murder, adultery, animals, consumption, painful fever, great penance, instability of mind, and relationship with foreign people.

How Rahu and Ketu will affect a person depends on the person’s horoscope. According to the place where these planets will be sitting in the horoscope and whatever planets are facing on these two, the fate of the person will be affected. If Rahu and Ketu are sitting in the right place in your horoscope then they increase the effects of the respective place, but if their position is opposite then the person is required to be alert in the respective area.

If Rahu is defective in your horoscope, then you have mental stress, financial loss, misconceptions about yourself, lack of mutual coordination, losing your temper, harsh speech, and abusive speech as well as if Rahu’s position in your horoscope is inauspicious. So your hand nails break on their own.

Along with this, a vehicle accident, a stomach problem, a headache, a hairy appearance in food, a loss of waste, a bad relationship, mental balance is not right, disturbance from enemies, etc. Rahu in your horoscope due to malfunction…

Many times Rahu gives you fear too, an unknown fear, often its effect is seen on Amavasya, Rahu planet gives more stomach problems, you get every treatment done, go around the whole world, every report will come right, but Abdominal pain will not be cured until Rahu is treated.

Positive effect of Rahu –

Have you ever heard someone’s sudden lottery come out, or the digging of a house got money, or suddenly reached a high position in politics, or earned millions in the speculative market. This is all the work of Rahu.

Now again understand that it is decided that Rahu is a demon, then after tasting the nectar he became powerful. But his habit is negative. But even a negative person is kind to someone or the other, even a punk, crook would want someone.
In the same way, Rahu does bad things to everyone, but when he is in his high house Gemini, when he is sitting in Taurus, in Virgo, he gives a very positive effect, from the floor to the hailstones, from the ground to the sky.

When Saturn is auspicious, and Rahu is also auspicious, it does not take long to change the time. A person who does not have the money to drink tea, he becomes the owner of wealth of crores with changes in the time of Rahu.

In the right way, it is very difficult to understand Rahu, because it has the qualities of both negative and positive, on the one hand, demon nature, on the other. Dev properties after tasting a portion of nectar.

If one snake bites us to death, another snake’s poison can save our lives as well.

In astrology, there are often negative misleading thoughts on the name of Rahu, but when this planet gives positive effects in every sense, it makes a person from powerful to powerful. Do you know that Rahu and Venus’ special grace is also necessary for the acting of artists?

Many people speak abusively to Shani or Rahu, this is inappropriate. They do not do anything, they give fruits according to your needs. What is surprising is that most of the Prime Ministers of independent India have been able to get such high Raja Yoga due to Rahu. Indira Gandhi was successful because of Rahu and Rajiv Gandhi ascended due to Rahu. Rahu also gave a lot to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Rahu is sitting in Libra in his tenth horoscope, in which case he got Raja Yoga.

If you worship Sun God and ignore Rahu, then it cannot move because Rahu is given an important place in the Navagraha Mandal. Only after receiving equal grace from all the planets, we can get life year according to our destructive state and enjoy life with success.

Rahu makes very big yoga and dissolves big yoga. Parashar says in praise of Rahu that if he becomes central to the center of union, he becomes a great philosopher and gives auspicious results in his condition.

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