Moola nakshatra,The persons with “Moola nakshatra”.

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Moola nakshatra, The persons with “Moola nakshatra”.
(मूल नक्षत्र)

Gand (गण्ड दोष प्रभाव ) influence is the highest in the Mool Nakshatra. After the removal of Gand Dosha(गण्ड दोष ), these people are rich, happy, and pleasant. These people have a violent nature and aggression. Often these people show off a lot. These people reveal the words of others very soon. Female gluttony is an essential condition of her personality.

These people earn good money in their life. These people are adept at putting scissors in the wealth of others. Stoicism persists in them due to their nature. These people make their living from the basic things i.e. from the tree or the living things, they get from the ground.

“Varah” has said that these people are not responsible. But all other people have underlined the cruelty, infighting, and violentness about them. Actually, these people are aggressive. Often works of permanent importance are done by them. If there is a Guru(Brahaspati) in the center of the original moon, then these people are famous and well-reputed, and wealthy. Only then are these people able to do permanent work. These people earn strength and respect in this situation.

Moola nakshatra, The persons with “Moola nakshatra”.One who works according to his will, revolts from the older generation, the father is annoying, orthodox, disobedient to others, wanderer, versed in magic and sorcery, profiting from the purchase and sale of drugs, clothing – Lover, conqueror of enemies, intense desire to study, cleanliness – lover, suffering in old age and progressing from studies.

1. In the first charna of Moola nakshatra a person is,  large and beautiful nose, stunning vision, clear and forward-speaking habit, beautiful teeth, soft hair, fair complexion, hard and shrunken testicles, a strong nature.

2. In the second charna of Moola nakshatra a person is, high head, stable thoughts, wide chest. There is a wide waist and full thighs, a little roughness in the front part of the nose, long stature, long chin.

3. In the third charna of Moola nakshatra a person is, educated, knowledgeable in the scriptures, intelligent, intelligent nature, serious looking, policy-skilled, woman’s beloved, Khudar, Haas – one knows the art of humor.

4. In the fourth charna of Moola nakshatra a person is, having a honey-brownish white color, a turtle-like elbow, intelligent, learned, acting skilled, beautiful hair, large and long body, a happy personality.

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