Most powerful raja yoga in astrology and Horoscope

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Most powerful raja yoga in astrology and Horoscope,Raja Yoga ", How to get into a horoscope, And why don't you get the auspicious results of "Raja Yoga"
Most powerful raja yoga in astrology and Horoscope

Raja Yoga “, How to get into a horoscope, And why don’t you get the auspicious results of “Raja Yoga”

In astrology, “Raja Yoga” means the conjunction of planets in a horoscope in such a way that it easily achieves human goals, opulence, wealth, honor, and dignity.

Raja Yoga made in the horoscope.

There are a total of 32 types of main Raja Yoga in ancient texts of astrology. The man whose all types of 32 types of yoga happen in a horoscope, becomes a Chakravarti emperor. Neechabhang Raja Yoga is also considered prominent in this. A person gets a high status, honor, wealth, and other kinds of happiness-wealth when there is Raja Yoga.

If the right planets are present in the ninth or tenth house of the horoscope, then Raja Yoga is created in those circumstances. The ninth place in the horoscope is the place of fortune and the tenth place of karma. It is only because of these two houses that one gets the highest happiness and prosperity. In the horoscope, the Lagna is made the basis for assessing Raja Yoga. If the right planets are present in the ascendant of the horoscope, then Raja Yoga is created.

When auspicious planets are formed in the horoscope, Raja Yoga is calculated based on it. In any sense of the horoscope, Moon-Mars is being formed, then there is no lack of money in life, respect is given, social prestige increases. While studying Raja Yoga in the horoscope, it is also important to study the fruits of other auspicious and inauspicious planets. Due to these, the effect of Raja Yoga can be more or less.

Raja Yoga is the planetary conditions through which a person gets immense wealth, status, glory, happiness, and opulence. Unlike Raja Yoga, a person has realizations but he is not able to enjoy them. If a person has this astrological yoga in their horoscope, then the person becomes the official. When the position of Jupiter is in any of the 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 11, 12 in the horoscope and Venus is in the 8th position, then the native-born in such a planetary position becomes the official. Sometimes people see the royal traits of a child born in an ordinary family, which are formed due to this yoga. Whenever man tries or desires something, his efforts develop according to different yogas.

Raja yogas are formed in the following situations,Raja Yoga made in the horoscope.
Raja yogas are formed in the following situations

Raja yogas are formed in the following situations

1 When the planets in a person’s horoscope are in each other’s zodiac, then auspicious results are obtained.

2 When the planets in a person’s horoscope are in relation to each other, auspicious results are obtained.

3 Auspicious results are obtained when there are mutual planets of auspicious planets in horoscopes.

4 If one planet in the horoscope refers to another planet, then auspicious.

5 The relationship of the strong Kendrapadhi with the lords of the ninth and fifth place is auspicious. It has also been described as the Raja Yoga factor.

6 Raja Yoga is often attained in the case of 6 yogic planets (ie, overlords of the center and triangle). In the case of such auspicious planets without a yogic relationship, Raja Yoga results.

7 The sinful planet in relation to the Yogakarak planets in its own condition and in the inward position of the Yogakarak planets, according to the proof in which it has its own force, it will yield Yogas accordingly. (That is, sinful planets can also play a role of causality in Raja Yoga from one angle.)

8 If the master of religion and karma, ie Navamsh and Dashmesh are Ashmesh and labesh respectively, then their relationship cannot become yogic. (Mithun Lagna as an example) can also consider this situation as Raja Yoga’s dissolution.

9 If Raja Yoga starts in the Antarak of the planets, then that Antarash makes the human being famous only by successive state. She is not able to give complete happiness.

10 If Raja Yoga starts under the auspices of the auspicious planets related to the planets, then happiness and prestige increase from the state. If the condition of auspicious days that do not belong to the Raja Yoga starts, then the fruits are equal. There will be no excess or underutilization in fruits. It will remain as it is.

11 Rahu-Ketu if not in relation with any of the planets located in the center (especially in the fourth and tenth place) or in a triangle, then according to those planets in the transit of Yogakaraka planets in their Mahadasha, they give auspicious results. (That is, auspicious Rahu-Ketu does not expect an auspicious relationship. Just that they should not be sinful only then they are fruitful as stated.) It should be understood that there will be auspiciousness under the auspices of Raja Yoga-free auspiciousness.

12 If the owner of the tenth house is in the lagna and the lord of the lagna in the tenth, then such a yoga should be considered as Raja Yoga. Such man is known and victorious on this yoga.

13 If the owner of the ninth place is in the tenth and the owner of the tenth place is in the ninth, then such yoga is Raja Yoga. On this yoga, there is a famous and victorious man.

14 In the horoscope, the lowly planet which is living in its height, then the person suffers the opulence like a king. Whereas a person has to spend his life in poverty when the planet of the higher is in its inferiorities.

15 A man whose full moon excluding the Moon ascendant in the rest of the center or triangle (4,7,10,5,9) makes a marriage with Venus or Jupiter. Has won

16 Whichever planet is situated or sitting in its lower noun zodiac at the time of birth of a person, if the lord of that zodiac and the lord of its higher noun zodiac is triangle (5,9) or center (1,4,7,10 ), Then the man is either a king or a famous, religious leader who walks in all four directions. Such a person sits on the post of President, Prime Minister, Minister, Yogi, Shankaracharya or similar.

17 If a person who has Cancer ascendant with Jupiter, Venus sits in the place of religion and Saturn and Mars are sitting in the seventh house, then that man is the emperor.

18 At the time of the birth of a person, the planet which is in low zodiac, the lord of that zodiac or the lord of its high sign is in lagna or in the center (1,4,7,10) from the moon, then that person is very religious and chakravarti by nature The emperor is

19 A person who is sitting in the second, fifth and ninth or eleventh house of all auspicious planets is rich. If Lagnesh is sitting high or self-centered in the center triangle with auspicious planets, then man is a very wealthy politician.

20 If in the horoscope of a person, Navamesh is making a combination of Panchamesh in the center with his Navanshanath, then the king also respects such a person. Often such people become high-ranking government officials.

21 If a Guru in Aries, Saturn and Moon in wealth, Rahu and Venus are sitting in the tenth, then the person becomes a very great politician. If all the planets are sitting in (2,6,7,12) then the person is a very influential king.

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