Mounts of planets on Palm-Mounts On Hands.

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In this post, we will know about the Mounts of planets on Palm-Mounts On Hands, how they affect, and what they indicate in human life according to astrology.

Mount on Palm – Mounts On Hands:

There are seven mounts in the palm. These seven mounts represent the seven planets. The enlarged mass of the hand bears the form of a mountain on the palm. Fully developed mount help in building a person’s high character. The high mount shows a person’s higher qualities

Jupiter (Guru) Mount:

The Guru mount is below the index finger. People with full-fledged Guru mount are fulfilled and self-respecting with the aspiration, policy of public leadership. Such people are skilled in governance and leadership. The developed Guru mount, Parvat makes the person ambitious. These people value their position more than money. Such people are good advisors. These people work within the purview of the law. Such people are fond of eating many types of dishes and are fascinated with their family.
The more developed Guru Parvat makes a person egoistic, showy, cruel, and jealous. Such people are more expensive.
If Guru mount, Parvat is semi-developed, the basic tendency of Guru does not develop in the person.

Saturn(Shani) Mount:

Mount Shani is below the middle finger. Saturn mount reflects philosophical ideas. When Shani Mount is fully developed, a person is knowledgeable, serious, and considerate. He starts some work thoughtfully and his senses are under his control.

Mars(Mangal) Mount:

Mars(Mangal) Mount has two locations. The first position is located below the upper line of the lifeline and the second opposite lies between the heart line and the brain line. The first position signifies the physical state and the second place signifies the mental state. Courage, strength, and strength are judged from the first mount. If the first area of ​​Mars is beautiful and advanced, then the person is in the army or a similar position. He proves to be a successful officer. The second mountain shows the qualities of patience, valor, restraint, forgiveness, etc. The first mountain shows physical ability and the second mountain shows mental abilities.

Mercury (Budh) Mount:

Mercury mount is under the Pinky finger. When the Mercury mount is fully advanced, the person is rich in sharp intellect, serious thoughts, attractive speech, and writing style. Such individuals succeed in business and science fields. Such a person wins in every powerful work area. He performs various tasks efficiently.

Moon (Chandra) Mount

Moon (Chandra) Mount is situated under the Mercury Mount in the hand. People are very talented and imaginative when Moon (Chandra) Mount is fully upgraded. It is through imagination that they give a new direction to their talent. These people are proficient in music, poetry, objects, fine arts, etc. Such people also have the ability to adapt to adverse situations. The full-grown lunar mountain makes a person an art lover.

Venus (Shukr) Mount

The Venus (Shukr) Mount located on the base of the thumb on the palm is called Venus (Shukr) Mount. It refers to the presence or absence of grace, attraction, lust, and beauty. It also shows the desire for love and companionship and worship of beauty in every form. The highly developed Venus mount attracts people to the beautiful and opposite sex. He likes friends very much. They are fond of good clothes and good food. Are outspoken by nature. The full-grown Venus mount makes the rich of magnetic personality such individuals are popular among the opposite sex.
Mount Venus is generally a sign of high qualities. It gives knowledge of feelings of health, beauty, love, kindness, sympathy, etc. When this mount is highly advanced, a person can also be luxuriant, lacking, and adulterous.

Harshal Moun:

The Harshal mountain lies between the heart line and the brain line. Saturn is situated at the bottom of the finger. Being at the bottom of Shani mount incorporates the qualities of Shani. The heart and brain will also be connected by being located between the heart line and brain line.
If the Harshal mount is normal, then the person’s technical work creates possibilities of earning money. If the Harshal mount is developed and has a flawless or auspicious mark, they progress rapidly. Earn a lot of money Those with common marks, earn a lot of money by doing machinery jobs.

Sun (Surya) Mount:

The root of the ring finger and above the heart line is called Sun, Surya Mount. If Sun, Surya Mount is developed then it is an indicator of success. The absence of Mount Sun in the hand is the introduction of a normal situation and neglected life for a person. The development of Sun, Surya Mount makes man talented and famous.
If the Sun mount is completely advanced, developed, and thankful, then such a person will reach a higher place. Such a person is cheerful and walks together with friends. Such natives are famous and popular with the general public. These individuals are also successful artists, excellent musicians, famous painters. Talent is inherent in them. In practical terms, they are willing to live honest and luxurious lives. Such people are successful traders and have a good income.

Lucky Yoga: – If a man has two mounts out of the seven planets in his right hand, and the line is clear, then the person is lucky.

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