Purvashadha nakshatra, The persons with “Purvashadha nakshatra”.

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Purvashadha nakshatra,The persons with “Purvashadha nakshatra”.
(पूर्वाषाढ नक्षत्र)

Purvashadh Nakshatra: Purvashadh is a water constellation. Therefore, these people spend a lot of time there where they are happy. Self-respect is filled with a code within them. They rejoice in life in their own way. His wife is often sociable. These people also ensure friendship.

These people have a habit of freedom and conduct freely. Often these people are powerful. They are very skilled in their work.

They have a habit of drinking water again and again. Sweating is excessive and many times go for urination. If addicted, these people also drink alcohol to a great extent. Want the woman of others. Often this is the reason that body dysfunction persists. Generally, through water or across the river, earn good money from places across the sea. They also have advantages in building bridges. More water travels. Or income from toll tax on bridges etc. is beneficial to them. Earn. It is beneficial for them to make a living from the things of wastewater, like sand, etc.

Purvashadha nakshatra,The persons with “Purvashadha nakshatra”.One who gets respect from others, unhappy in childhood, but happy in the middle age – peaceable, strong-willed, possessive of many women, solitary, weak body, skillful in singing, acquiring wealth from women, father in shortage – suffering. Suffering from, mental patients, suffering from many worries, efficient and quick achievers.

1. In the first charna of Purvashadha nakshatra a person is,  having a big mouth, big eyes, big ears, big eyebrows, tiger-like tight body, heavy and high shoulders, simple hair, strong intellectual thoughts.

2. In the second charna of Purvashadha nakshatra a person is, bright eyes, black effigy, big forehead, beautiful personality, poetic, heavy, and big face, talking like scholars, is well rich.

3. In the third charna of Purvashadha nakshatra a person is, dark complexion, soft body-mind, skilled in speaking, high head, fond of storing and collecting special things, tall stature, big eyes, generous intelligence but bold.

4. In the forth charna of Purvashadha nakshatra a person is, there is flattening on the forehead of the nose, big head, strong enmity, confused eyesight, delirious, murmuring, reliable of gurus.

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