Rahu and Shani yoga, Phantom curse in astrology

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Phantom curse in astrology

Phantom curse- If there is a combination of Shani-Rahu or Shani-Ketu in any sense of birth-magazine, then it creates a phantom curse. The combination of Shani-Rahu spoils the fruit of that feeling completely and even after doing a lot of diligence, the best result is not achieved. Every time Hope and every time the eye of cheating goes on throughout life. Even if it’s money, child happiness, life partner, or any other emotion. Luck is always bad, which is very difficult for the native to overcome after repeated defeats. Saturn, Rahu – Phantom curse yoga is a phenomenon which is called the sudden event in which happened suddenly. something happens that is not even remotely predictable and causes heavy damage.

Due to this yoga, trouble is increased one after the other, if the condition of any planet from Saturn or Rahu is going on or the age is going on, that is, from 7 to 12 or 36 to 47 years, then the troubles will cease. house-related problems start. Property Bikini Begins. The factories are closed, the debt on the father begins to fall.
Due to the phantom curse yoga,the profession reaches the verge of closure.

Persons who have such yoga: –

Fissures occur everywhere in the house, even after cleaning, it smells dirty. Poisonous creatures, nymphs, snakes, etc. come out of the house, so this phantom curse brings trouble

  1. Due to the effect on the tenth house of this yoga, the work stops.
  2. Marriages breaks down due to the effect on the seventh house.
  3. If it has an effect on the eighth house, then the native has a strange effect like magic – sorcery and can even lead to death.
  4. Due to this yoga, a person’s fate remains inferior.
  5. Due to this yoga, the person fighting the troubles sits down, and even after hard work, there is no fruit

According to astrology, the effects of the planets that harm you are reduced, and the effect of the planets which give auspicious results is increased.

Shani Dev is considered to be the factor of the sixth, eighth tenth and twelth house, while Rahu is a shadow planet. According to one belief, the influence of Saturn is seen first, because if Saturn is giving auspicious results then Rahu and Ketu cannot give inauspicious results and it is also believed that the Moon sees the auspicious results of Saturn. There is a sense to say that each planet is dependent on each other. Saturn has a special place in all these planets. The happiness of home and vehicle is seen from Saturn as well as it is also considered to be the factor of karma location, it is also the factor of uncle and tau. Rahu is considered to be a factor of contingent benefit. Rahu is seen from the production of junk and electricity. Rahu is related to in-laws, if you are unhappy with your in-laws then understand,rahu is giving bad effect.

Astrology believes that whatever planet Rahu and Ketu come with, that planet becomes illiterate and stops giving auspicious results. If Shani and Rahu come together in the same sense, then the person will be affected very quickly by phantom obstacles, etc., because Saturn is also considered a phantom and Rahu is a shadow.

It is also called Phantom Chhaya Yoga, but the common person calls it Pitrdosha.

Signs of phantom obstacle in the horoscope

If Rahu and Shani are sitting together in your horoscope then it is the sum of the phantom curse.

  1. Bringing a broom in the form of Rahu on Friday clears whatever is in the house
  2. Bringing iron items which are used in the kitchen on Saturday day
    The disease keeps on bringing,
  3. On Sunday, any type of defensive equipment which is installed as a gate in the house or shop, cheats you.
  4. The weapon brought on Monday is going to bring peace for itself.

Phantom barrier peace remedy

If you are affected by the conjunction of Shani-Rahu in the horoscope, then you can get relief from these remedies.

1.Donate tobacco pudding to laborers, do this for 43 days, this yoga will never give you bad fruit because the laborer is Saturn and tobacco is Rahu
2.Get up early and bathe on Saturday morning. Wear clean clothes, offer pure water or Ganga water to the peepal tree located in the temple, incense sticks, sesame oil lamp. Read the Gajendramoksha Stavana.
3.Outside the temple, beggars should be fed or paid for oil made items like kachori, samosas, sev, dumplings according to their strength.
4.In front of Shri Hanuman make a swastika on a coconut and offer it. These remedies not only reduce your troubles when there are problems but also make your life happy and peaceful.
5.Apart from this, offer Panchopchar Puja and special materials of Shani Dev, Shree Hanuman, and Rahu Puja on Saturday on time.
6.Chant Shani Mantra and Rahu Mantra, Om Rahu Rahway Namah
7.Reciting Sri Hanuman Chalisa regularly is also very effective
.8.Go to the Shani temple on Saturday and donate the iron item after taking it off the head 11 times,
9.Light an oil lamp, offer a dish made of oil
10.Offer jaggery, gram or churma to Sri Hanuman, offer vermilion
to the delight of Rahu, offer spleen, sweet and an oil lamp

Some of the more sensible measures of the phantom curse are as follows from which the native can benefit.

  1. On Friday night, sleep with one rupee coin under the pillow and wake up in the morning and throw the coin from outside in the funeral.
  2. Starting on Saturday, burn 11 cloves on your head seven times upside down and burn in the fire continuously for 11 days.
  3. Burn the vermillion and mustard head seven times and burn it for 11 days.
  4. Feed the black dog by rubbing it in milk, bread, or mustard oil for four months.
  5. Do seven revolutions of the Peepal tree while chanting the mantra ‘ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नम:’, ‘ओम रा राहवे नम:’ with a black robe. After this, read the same Hanuman Chalisa and offer sweets of spleen oil.
  6. Aarti of Shani and Rahu by lighting a lamp, feed Kachori, Samosas, or Namkeen Bhujia to the beggar sitting outside the temple.

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