Red Coral, benefits, effects and disadvantages, a gem of Mars

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Red Coral, benefits, effects and disadvantages, a gem of Mars,The lal moonga is called red coral in English. It is found in the depths of the ocean. Coral is called the gemstone of Mars.
Red Coral, benefits, effects and disadvantages, a gem of Mars

Red Coral

The lal moonga is called red coral in English. It is found in the depths of the ocean. Coral is called the gemstone of Mars. According to Vedic astrology, the red coral Gem represents Mars. The finest munga is found in the oceans of Japan and Italy. Coral is not made of chemicals like other gems, but it is a deposit of calcium.
According to Indian Vedic astrology, red coral is the gem of Mars, Mars is the planet of energy, vitality, blood circulation, and ambition, and is worn to promote the energy of Mars in the coral horoscope. This red coral is a precious gem, One of the 9 planets, Mars is the god of war and the commander of God’s armies.

If Mars is giving good effects in the horoscope then red coral must be worn. If Mars is weak in the horoscope, it can be energized by wearing red coral. Wearing red coral increases our might, laziness decreases. Mangalik dosha in the horoscope also reduces the inauspiciousness of yoga and eliminates the losses caused by this yoga, Munga is also very beneficial in controlling problems like lack of blood and menstruation in women, and blood pressure.

It is believed that the red coral enhances the confidence of the native, positive thinking, and after wearing it, the attitude of the people also changes towards you, There is no fear of obstacles, etc.
The first benefit of the red coral gem is the victory over enemies.

Red coral also helps in mental health and general health. Due to its strong nature, it helps to relieve sadness in the mind and revive the will to boost morale. It also gives you energy, audacity, and the power to conquer your fears.

If a man is in a weak state in his horoscope, that person should wear red coral. This should only be done after a thorough analysis of the birth journal.
Another important benefit of coral is that it protects against greed, evil eyes, and black magic.

If you lack courage and do not have the courage to face enemies, then Munga can help you because wearing red coral gives strength to our mind and brings fearlessness in us as a result and dare to face the enemies. It comes! Police or army officers must wear red munga!
Red coral is essential for people associated with the business of jewelry and restaurants, it provides success in these businesses! To get good effects of Mars, one should wear only Japanese or Italian mungas of high quality! Its color should be vermilion red and without stain.

The red coral gem is considered to be the best for the people of Aries and Scorpio, wearing coral does not seem to be seen and there is no fear of ghosts, increased confidence, and positive thinking. The power of attraction increases and the attitude of the people changes, all the blood-related problems are eliminated by wearing the coral gem, those who suffer from heart diseases should wear coral. This gem is considered to be perfect for epilepsy and jaundice patients. Police, army, doctor, property worker, weapon builder, surgeon, computer software, and hardware engineer, etc. have special benefits from wearing coral. People associated with medical jobs and hospitals should always wear coral.

Disadvantages of wearing coral

Dark red coral gives good results. Therefore, the color of the red coral should be chosen only according to the advice of your astrologer and should not wear red coral of any color on your own wish, because by doing this such red coral can give a loss rather than profit. Along with the color, pay special attention to the weight of the red coral suggested by your astrologer and wear the same weight of this gemstone as told by your astrologer, otherwise, in such a situation, the red coral can also harm you.
The effective gemstone of Mars increases coral confidence and courage. It can also lead to family disputes, accidents if coral is worn without showing a birth journal.

Method of wearing red coral

By wearing red coral through the methods suggested by Vedic astrology, this gem is able to provide you with maximum auspicious benefits, so to the extent possible, every person should wear his red coral gemstone with the complete method.

5 to 8-carat red coral should be wear in a gold or copper ring, red coral should wear after the sun rises on any Tuesday of any Shukla Paksha. Chant the mantra 108 times. Put the red coral in your index finger or ring finger in your finger.

  • मंगल मूल मंत्र:    ॐ भौमाय नम: । 
  • मंगल बीज मंत्र मंत्र:    ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं स: भौमाय नम: ।

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