Ruby stone benefits,Ruby is the representative gem of the Sun

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Ruby stone benefits, Ruby is the representative gem of the Sun, Benefit of wearing ruby and specialties, Method of wearing ruby
Ruby stone benefits,Ruby is the representative gem of the Sun

Singh Rashi is called Leo in English. Its lord planet is Sun. People with Leo sign are of generous heart and fond of travelling.
Ruby is a world famous gemstone.In indian astrology it represents the gemstone of the planet sun.Ruby is a world famous gemstone and it is widely known due to its beauty and qualities.Ruby gemstone is a very valuable gemstone and is a beautifull bright red in colour.Ruby is worn for the attainment of the auspicious results of the planet sun.
After wearing Ruby gemstone a person feels very happy and increases the excitement.Ruby plays a very important role in good and perfect love relationship in lovers and husband,s and wife,s.
Wearing a Ruby gemstone removes the disappointment and gives freedom from shudra obstacles.Ruby improves financial status and provides money from various hymne and gives continuous increase in respect and prestige in the society.Ruby is also called the perfect gem for politicians and by wearing Ruby gemstone it leads to success in politics and one attains high status in politics.

Ruby is the representative gem of the Sun. It has many names.

In English Manik is called Ruby. The standard colour of ruby is red, pink, light red. Ruby gemston is found in both, transparent and opaque.The best quality ruby is found in Burma(Burmies Ruby) and Sri Lanka(Silone). The rubies here are very beautiful red and pink in colour and the quality is also very good.

Benefit of wearing ruby and specialties.

The biggest feature of ruby ​​is its beautiful red color and its cutting. The scarlet ​​ruby ​​is rarely obtained and its value is also very high.Wearing ruby ​​gives rise to descent. Wearing it gives happiness, wealth and fame. Its effects remove all fear, disease and grief etc. And the holder gets unlimited happiness.

Who should wear ruby.

Ruby is the gem of the Sun, so the horoscope in which the Sun is the owner of any auspicious sentiment, then Manik will be auspicious for that person.

Wearing ruby ​​according to Ascendant.

*Aries Ascendant: In Aries Ascendant, Sun is the lord of fifth and Lord of Ascendant is Mars. The native of Aries Ascendant can always wear ruby ​​to gain wisdom, child happiness, fame,wealth, business. By wearing ruby ​​in Mahadasha of sun Will be very beneficial.
*Taurus Ascendant: In taurus Ascendant sun is the lord of fourth house, but the Sun is the enemy of Ascendant Venus, therefore it will be beneficial to wear Ruby for this ascendant only in the Mahadasha of the Sun. There will be benefits of wealth,family happyness,vehicle,property,gains and fame.
*Gemini Ascendant: In the horoscope of Gemini Ascendant, the Sun will be the owner of the third house. Therefore, it will not be beneficial to wear a ruby for gemini Ascendants
*Cancer Ascendant: Sun will be the lord of wealth in the horoscope of Cancer Ascendant. In this horoscope, Sun is also a friend of Lagnesh Chandra. The native of this horoscope can wear ruby. It will be  beneficial to wear ruby gemstone in the absence of wealth and suffering of eyes.Wearing pearl with ruby ​​will be more beneficial. Wearing ruby ​​in the Mahadasha of the sun will also bring happiness and prosperity.
*Leo Ascendant: Sun ascendant is in Leo ascendant, hence ruby ​​is very auspicious for this ascendant and the natives of this ascendant should wear lifelong ruby. Manik will protect physical and mental health and will increase age,and will increase wealth.
*Virgo Ascendant: In Virgo ascendant, the Sun is the lord of the twelth house. People of this ascendant should never wear ruby.

*Libra Ascendant: The Sun in Libra Ascendant is the enemy of Venus and also the lord of the twelth house. Wearing ruby ​​of this ascendant only in the Mahadasha of the Sun will be auspicious in economic benefits.
*Scorpio Ascendant: In Scorpio Ascendant, Sun is the owner of the tenth house, Sun is the friend of Ascendant. Therefore, wearing a ruby ​​for prestige, honor, respect in business, wealth will be very beneficial. Wearing ruby ​​in the Mahadasha of the sun will be very beneficial and profitable.
*Sagittarius Ascendant: In Sagittarius Ascendant, Sun is the lord of the ninth house. In this Ascendant, the Sun is the friend of the Ascendant, hence wearing a ruby ​​to the native of Sagittarius Ascendant brings luck, prosperity, increase in honor and family happiness. Wearing ruby ​​in the Mahadasha of the sun will result in special gain and success.
*Capricorn Ascendant: In Capricorn Ascendant, the Sun is the lord of the eighth house and the Sun is also the enemy of the Ascendant, so the people of this Ascendant should stay far away from rubies, never wear rubies.
*Aquarius Ascendant: In Aquarius ascendant, the Sun is the lord of the seventh house, which is the deadly place. And because the Sun is also the antidote in this ascendant and is also an enemy of the Ascendant, therefore, this Ascendant should never wear a ruby ​​in life.

*Pisces Ascendant: It will not be beneficial for the people of Pisces ascendant to wear a ruby, because in this ascendant, Sun is the lord of the sixth house. but in any,case sun is also placed in sixth house then only a person can wear a ruby.

Method of wearing ruby.

According to astrology how much weight ruby should be wornAccording to astrology, rubies of 2 to 3 carats can be worn, but rubies of 5 to 6 carats are considered the best. Ruby and gemstone should be made and worn only in gold or copper metal.
After sunrise on Sunday morning, Pure the ring of ruby ring with raw milk, then purify it with Gangajal water and keep it in place of worship, Worship it with incense, lamp, incense sticks, sweeteners and chanting the sun mantra 108 times and wear the Ring in anamika finger.

Surya Mantra:

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