Saturn Effects on human life and its remedies

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Saturn Effects on human life and its remedies,Effect of Shani on the life of the native
Saturn Effects on human life and its remedies

Effect of Shani on the life of the native

Saturn is a planet towards which everyone’s fear is always there. In which house Saturn is in your horoscope, determines the direction, happiness, sorrow, etc. of your whole life. Shani is more known as the tormentor. In Indian astrology, Saturn is considered a natural inauspicious planet. Shani is the factor of the horoscope (6, 8, 12) of the horoscope. If a person is religious, his actions are good, then Saturn will never give him a bad fruit. The unfortunate and non-malicious people suffer from Saturn as punishment.

The crow is his vehicle. He has a bow, arrow, trident, and var mudra in his hands. The terrible form of Saturn is terrible. He is determined to kill the sinners. It is described in the scriptures that Saturn is an old, sharp, lazy, air-dominant, impotent, Tamo guna, and the male-dominated planet. Its vehicle is a vulture also. Saturday is its day. The taste is astringent and the favorite thing is iron. Shani is the ambassador, servant, foot pain and factor of law and craft, philosophy, tantra, mantra, and yantra techniques. Its color is black. It affects the nervous system of the native.

He is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius signs and the god of death. This is also a factor of knowledge of Brahman, which is why Shani-prime people take retirement. Shani is the son of Sun. Its mother is Chhaya and friends Rahu and Mercury. Rahu and Mercury remove Saturn’s defect. Shani is also a magistrate. This is the reason that it paves the way for its advancement and prosperity by giving the fruit to the native at various stages of the year and a half. Shani also has authority over farmers, laborers, and the Justice Department. Saturn provides auspicious effects in Bhava 3, 6,10, or 11. If in the first, second, fifth, or seventh house then Arishtkar is there. Fourth, being in the eighth or twelfth house is strong anorexic.

If Saturn is in Aries, Scorpio, Leo, then it is considered weak because these three zodiac signs are its enemy. In addition to this, Saturn is weak even if Saturn is less than 8 degrees or 25 degrees higher.

Influence on the life of weak Saturn

Weak Saturn first greatly increases the amount of laziness in the life of the native. The person leads an undisciplined and chaotic life.

Children do homework at the last minute or open the book 1 day before the exam and start it.

Weak Saturn greatly reduces the concentration of the native and at the same time makes the person aimless, that is, the person forgets the purpose of life.

Due to weak Saturn, the machinery of the house suddenly starts to deteriorate one after the other such as the clock closing, the iron getting spoiled, the fan getting spoiled etc.

A weak Saturn makes the native in debt very quickly and does not repay this debt quickly. The Jataka gets rid of this debt after much struggle and long gap.

Weak Saturn takes the native away from good habits and leads to bad habits like drinking alcohol/gutkha/beedi, gambling, betting, reading obscene books, etc.

Saturn’s success in the 12 house

Saturn in the first house – Saturn The person whose Saturn is in the first house is going to live life like a king. If Saturn is going to give inauspicious results, then the person is sick, poor, and bad. The natives who have Saturn retrograde during their birth are fatalists. Their activities are influenced by an invisible force. They are often in solitude and are engaged in spiritual practice. If Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, then the Jataka is the king or head of the village and attains majesty.

Saturn in the second house – the person who has Saturn in the second house in the horoscope earns money in the trade of wood, coal, and iron. He gets abundant wealth through deeds and means. He studies the best and unacceptable genres. According to Bhrigu Sanhita, the native is poor if Saturn is in the second house. Eye diseases will continue to trouble him. Such a person may also have two marriages. And by fooling the female class, they are the money-makers.In the second house, Saturn is the source of people away from the family. Such a native is a traveler of happiness – a country far and abroad in search of prosperity. His destiny is away from the ancestral residence. The native is good at telling lies, fickle, talkative, and fooling others. Such a native can never earn money by living with his father. If Saturn is in another house then the face of the native will not be good. Such a person has a habit of some form of intoxication (betel leaf, cigarette, alcohol, etc.).

Saturn in the third house – If Saturn is in the third house, the native is intelligent and generous and also gets the pleasure of a woman, but he is the dull body, dull, full of laziness. There is always disturbance under the influence of Saturn. Saturn in the 3rd house makes the native aware of the esoteric knowledge but is not good for the mother. You struggle with people and even after hard work, failure bothers you. Brothers have a strained relationship. The Saturn of the third house brings natives nothing more than blessings from their parents. Saturn in the third house strengthens the chances of miscarriage in women. Saturn with sin planet hurts brothers.

Saturn in the 4th house – If Saturn is in the 4th house, the native remains homeless and suffers. Such a person is also a patient in childhood. Hence, Saturn destroys happiness here, that’s why it is always sad. Saturn is not auspicious for Mother in the fourth house. Such a person does not take responsibility for the house and eventually becomes a monk. But, if Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius in IV then the native gets the property of ancestors.
The native remains unhappy with protests and false accusations. In the fourth house, Saturn suffers from bile and air disorders. Provides government services to the people of Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Vrishti, Pisces, and Gemini. The person is interested in scientific subjects. At the beginning of the occupation, the native manifests several crises. The native makes a sacrifice in the 36th and 56th year. The west direction is favorable for progress.

Saturn in the fifth house – Saturn in the fifth house gives love affair, but the native betrays the lover. He also does not care about his wife and child. In the fifth house, Saturn is told in Faldipika that such a person is a devil and has an evil mind. And knowledge, wealth, and happiness are devoid of these four. Such a person travels and his intelligence is always confused.
If Saturn is in the fifth house, the man does not believe in God and is angry with friends, cunning. Spends more than income. If Saturn is in the fifth position through high, then the native brings weakness in the feet. The fifth house Saturn causes loss of money through lottery, gambling, betting, or running. Aries, Leo, Saturn of Sagittarius, bring ego to the native and keep his thoughts secret. Talks uncertain. The native is adept at any type of self-determination. Such people are officers in banks, Zilla Parishad, social institutions, assembly, parliament, and railways, etc.

Saturn in the sixth house – The person whose Saturn is in the sixth house, then he is Kami, beautiful, valiant, high eater, devious nature, is going to win many enemies.

Saturn in the seventh house – When Saturn is in the seventh house, a person is sick, impoverished, undressed, sinful, inferior. Saturn of the seventh gives retrograde to the wife. If Saturn is of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, then it is a factor of more than one marriage or an extramarital affair.

Saturn in the eighth house – When Saturn is in the eighth house, one is suffering from leprosy or fugitive disease, person, unhappy, unable to do everything. If Saturn is in the eighth house then the native is an astrologer, philosopher, and speaker. Such a person earns money from tantric, geology, black magic, etc.

Saturn in 9th house – A person who is Saturn in 9th house in horoscope, he is irreligious, poor, sonless, unhappy. Saturn increases the wealth received from the ancestors of the native. It makes him patient in the face of religious and economic crisis.

Saturn in the tenth house – When Saturn is in the tenth house, a person is rich, religious, minister of state, or occupation. The native is a lawyer, judge, barrister, head, minister, or magistrate.

Saturn in the eleventh house- The person who is in the horoscope in the horoscope, he is long-lived, rich, imaginative, healthy, attaining all happiness. Saturn in the eleventh house makes the native sycophantic. Spending makes emotional Saturn merciless and lazy.

Saturn in twelth house – When Saturn is in the outer house, a person with disturbed mind, impure, talkative, devious eyesight, ruthless, reckless, will spend.

Remedy to strengthen Shani

  • The most effective solution is that the native should wake up early in the morning and shun laziness. This gradually strengthens Saturn and gives good results.
  • First of all, take a bath and read Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrangban.
  • The person should offer Argh to the Sun in the morning because it brings new energy to the body.
  • The person should not keep any work incomplete. If possible, finish it immediately.
  • The person should take as many loans as required and never misuse the loan money.
  • Respect your subordinate employee or servant/sweeper… Never beggar the humbler by saying “chal hat”
  • Any time you go to a hotel or dinner with family, if you have a financial condition, then give a tip to the waiter ₹ 10 / ₹ 20 / ₹ 50 and if possible.
  • The person should never wear torn shoes / slippers, they should leave them near a temple immediately.
  • Wear a horseshoe / boat nail / iron ring in the middle finger of the right hand on Saturday evening.
  • Put down a lamp of mustard/sesame oil and ask for your wish.-Under Pepel’s tree in the evening of Saturday
  • On the day of Saturday, wear the root of Shami with your name in your right hand.
  • Nitya Dasaratha read the Sreesini Stotra.

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