Saturn exerts his curved vision on these 7 people, know

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Saturn exerts his curved vision on these 7 people, know

The Puranas say that Saturn has been appointed as the Judge of the three worlds by the Supreme Father. Shanidev also punishes Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh for their actions and all the others in the universe also have to fall prey to the wrath of Shani. Hanuman always forgives the devotees as promised to Lord Hanuman. Lets know who Shani Dev ruins his life by putting his curved eyes on.

Only one person, who has not done any of the following, escapes from Saturn’s half or dhaiya.

Shanidev puts his curved vision on them

  1. If you do business of interest, then one day you will have the curve of Shani Dev or say that you will have a skewed vision and ruin will start.
  2. If you are related to any woman other than your wife, then surely one day Shanidev will have retentive vision and ruin will begin.
  3. If you drink alcohol regularly and especially on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Pradosh Kaal, Ekadashi, Chaturthi, Amavasya, Purnima, then soon you will be caught in the sight of Shani Dev.
  4. If you persecute or insult any poor, scavenger, Divyang, widow, abla etc. then you should be ready to suffer the punishment of Shani.
  5. If you insult religion, deity, guru, father and temple or make fun of them in any form then wait for Dandanayaka’s punishment.
  6. When playing gambling or betting, be prepared to suffer exile like Pandavas or perish like Kauravas. Incident and accident totals will increase in your life.
  7. The Puranas say that if a person does any kind of injustice to a person, he cannot escape from the curvature of Saturn. An alcoholic drinker, meat eater, interest seeker, adulteress with a prostitute and an injustice to someone on the strength of power, chase Shani Dev for 100 births.

Once the sight of Shani fell on Shiva, he had to wander from forest to forest. When she fell on Ravana, she too had to go to the shelter of death by becoming helpless. If Lord Shani sees someone cruelly, then understand his divided shield. Hanumanji is the only deity on whom Saturn has no effect and he also protects his devotees from his influence. Once the arrogant Lankapati Ravana imprisoned Shani Dev and put him in a prison in Lanka. Shani Dev remained imprisoned in the same prison until Hanumanji reached Lanka. When Hanuman came to Lanka in search of Sita Maiya, while searching for mother Janaki, he was imprisoned in Lord Shani Dev jail. Hanumanji then freed Lord Shani from captivity. After liberation, he thanked Hanunumanji and pledged to maintain special favor to his devotees.

  1. Curved vision: The curved vision of Saturn is one that is moving in some zodiac sign and starts moving again in reverse order. However, this does not happen that any planet first starts moving straight and then back. Due to the distance of the planet from the rotating Earth and the difference between the Earth and its own motion of the planet, the planets seem to be moving in reverse. Astrology has different views about the fruit of the planet Vakri. Apart from these fruits, there are also karma fruits. According astrology, if a planet becomes retrograde when it is located in its zodiac sign, its fruits become inauspicious and if a planet becomes retrograde in its lower zodiac, its fruits become auspicious.
  2. This planet has two zodiac signs – first Aquarius and second Capricorn. This planet is high in Libra and low in Aries. When this planet is retrograde, it naturally gives positive effects for Libra and negative for Aries. But when Saturn confuses other zodiac signs it has a different effect. If he is traveling in Sagittarius, the friend of Aries, then it will not negatively affect the people of Aries.
  3. Zodiac Friendship- Actually if Saturn is retrograde in the zodiac signs of Aries, then Saturn will not have that much negative impact on the people of Aries. Such as the zodiac signs of Mesh zodiac – Leo and Dhanu. Virgo and Capricorn are the friends of similar Taurus. Gemini’s Libra and Aquarius signs are friends. Scorpio and Pisces zodiac signs of Cancer. Saturn’s Mercury, Venus and Rahu are superimposed. Guru and Ketu are friends. Mars and the Sun are even. Moon is extremely cold.

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