Saturn is considered the planet of balance and justice.

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Saturn(Shanidev) and Employment

Saturn is considered the planet of balance and justice. People who try to run their way through inappropriate things, which is not in the interest of society and try to give recognition to it, keep their own thing in the forefront because of the importance, unreasonable asymmetry, shelter of unnatural equality Saturn afflicts them.

Before Saturn is not angry with us, we should understand beforehand that we are not doing injustice, or we are not supporting unnecessary inequality. It is an asteroid planet, that is, by meditating, the body matures, the color of Saturn is dark blue, dark blue rays continuously fall from the planet Saturn. The position of this planet in the body is in the abdomen and thighs.

Sun son Saturn holds sway over sadder, Shudra varna, Tamas Prakriti, Vata Prakriti Pradhan and destitute inferior things. Saturn is called the boundary planet, because where the boundary of the Sun ends, the boundary of Saturn starts from there. Understanding the difference between true and false in the world is the special quality of Saturn. This planet is troublesome and painful. Along with misery, suffering, poverty, giving, there is a great teacher and teacher, as long as the creature is not out of the range of Saturn, progress in the world is not possible. As long as Saturn afflicts the native, it causes havoc all around. The native does not find any way to walk. It is also possible to make a millionaire a Khakpati.

Increasing the fortunes of the natives with good and good deeds increases their fortune, whatever wealth or property the native earns, puts it to good use. The householder will run the life smoothly. It also leads to austerity and samadhi etc. by motivating us to follow religion.

If karma is condemnable and cruel, then no matter how vigorous the fate of the lowly one will be able to get away, the Maha Kangali will stand up and stand up, will not even let it die by giving it to the Bengali; is. Decision making power is reduced, even after trying, failure in all tasks is at hand. There is irritability in the nature, there is a fight between the officials and colleagues of the job workers, the businessmen suffer long financial losses.

Students do not mind reading, they start failing again and again. The native is not able to do auspicious work even if he wants. Due to mental hysteria, he is able to do those works, after which only regrets take place.

The body swells due to rheumatism in the body, and the hands and feet do not work, diseases like catastrophe occur. Due to being in solitary habitat, due to dampness and dampness, diseases like arthritis occur, due to the filling of vata cold in the joints of hands and feet, lumps cause diseases, swelling of the joints of the body causes pain to the person. There is difficulty on the foot. Muscle weakness causes weakness in the nervous system due to the stretch of drugs.

Due to over-thinking and affliction within the family, one gets into the habit of consuming various types of intoxicants and drugs, mostly consumption of BD cigarettes and tobacco leads to tuberculosis, diseases like cancer due to consuming too much of tobacco. Become. Ulcer-like diseases occur due to blisters in the intestines. Shani pays those deeds by giving such diseases that the evil deeds are done by the native. It is Shani Dev’s task to pay the full amount as the native has done.

The gem of Saturn is Sapphire. The amount of iron in the body of an animal is more than all the metals, as the amount of iron in the body decreases, its movement becomes difficult again. And how many diseases are caused in the body. That is why the people born due to its iron deficiency do not benefit from eating medicine, then the native should understand that Saturn is doing poorly.

Shani is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. It is experienced in high Libra and in low Aries. Its metals are considered to be iron, grain gram, and pulses of urad in pulses.

Saturn related business and job

Items made of black, iron, wool, oil, gas, coal, carbon, leather, parts of machines, petrol, stones, sesame and colored trade are beneficial to the people associated with Saturn. Peon jobs, drivers, social welfare jobs, municipality jobs, judges, lawyers, ambassadors etc. positions come in Saturn’s job.

Identification of Saturn in horoscope

The person should look at his date of birth, if Saturn is sitting in the fourth, sixth, eighth, twelfth house in any zodiac especially in the lower zodiac, then definitely will give financial, mental, physical suffering in his Mahadasha, Antardasha There is no doubt, before the beginning of time i.e. Mahadasha, Antardasha, one should chant the seed mantra of Shani before it starts. It is considered a severe pain, no matter what it is.

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