Taurus zodiac sign, Taurus people like to live peacefully in life

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Taurus zodiac sign, Taurus people like to live peacefully in life

Taurus (वृष राशि)

Venus is second in the zodiac signs, Venus is the lord of Taurus. Taurus is a small bull of the zodiac sign. The bull is very healthy and very calm in nature. But if anger comes, it also takes a fierce form, the same nature is seen in the natives of Taurus.
Taurus persons are intelligent, Dear speakers, and are of a calm nature, who takes everyone’s work in one sense, they are a music lover but are self-respecting and excessively serious and influence people.

Taurus people like to live peacefully in life, they are irritated by the change in life. They do not like to live in a different environment again and again. They are social and see people higher than themselves with respect, they are always ahead in giving respect, they like to live a happy and luxurious life. They are good at earning their work and money and they stay connected with them till the completion of their projects successfully.

Taurus people love all good and beautiful things and are often surrounded by material pleasures. Taurus people are very reliable, very patient, intelligent, devoted, and responsible in life.
Taurus has a tendency to earn money and a lot of desire to accumulate wealth. They have a lot of faith in the schemes to be deposited. People of Taurus are seen as Accountants, Actors, Producers, Directors, Artists, Decorators, Cosmetics Workers, Cosmetics Manufacturers, Jewelry Manufacturers, Jewelry Dealers, Food Stuff Manufacturers, Government Employees, Army or Navy or higher positions. They are very fortunate to earn money from wealth. Indulgence in trade is beneficial in the trade of luxury goods, food grains, and white goods (eg milk, curd, sugar, rice). Water trade also has benefits. Black goods have benefits.

Lord Venus is the lord of Taurus, represents love, charm, beauty, and creativity. Love is filled with coddling among Taurus, their love for someone else starts very soon, both love and lust have the same effect in their lives.

Taurus native wants to get the best of all things related to marriage and married life, wants complete surrender in their relationship. In married life, a husband may be upset with his wife, but they are never separate from each other.

The natives of the Taurus sign have strong physical abilities, so they do not have many health problems. They can cause throat problems. There are chances of getting diseases like stomach disease. They should stay away from fat-rich food, should not gain weight, should take light food, and exercise regularly.

If the Taurus Rashi people are having problems related to their ancestral wealth or family, then the root of Vidhara should be kept in their pockets or wallets and kept on Wednesday on the day.

Debt is increasing and the financial crisis is tight, so you give bread to the crow every day from your food. By doing this, you will end the growing debt and financial crisis. The second solution is that when you sleep at night, place barley in a vessel under the bed on the side of your bed. After that, wake up in the morning and feed the barley to birds or animals.

By feeding the animals and the needy around the house or in the temples, doing so continuously will increase luck and Laxmi will dwell.

Lucky Score: 6,15,24,33,42,51
Bad points: 1, 2
Lucky Color: White, Blue, Jamunia
Lucky Day: Friday, Wednesday
Lucky Gem: Diamond (Opal), Panna

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