Tricks(Totke) to remove the bond of shop and business

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Tricks(Totke) to remove the bond of shop and business

Nowadays, in a run-of-the-mill life, a person works hard all day long, but even if he does not get the fruits of hard work, it is not possible that the cause of planet horoscope or any enemy obstructs your progress. Action can also be done or many times we inadvertently do something which causes Devi, Kuldev, or Vastu defects. This problem is becoming common in front of businessmen and businessmen these days. A competitor tries to harm you by doing any kind of inferior work. Easy steps to get rid of all these obstacles are given below. Hope you will definitely benefit from using them.

To open any shop or factory bond, hawthorn-nails (it is a thick flat nail whose upper part is twisted like a snake’s funnel). Take 6 such hawthorn-nail and immerse them in the urine of the native cow and keep it for 3 days, after that take out those nails and put cow urine in the roots of a tree. Carve these nails of a hawthorn by digging a small pit under a peepal tree and let them remain buried like this for seven days, after which bring those nails back. Bury one of these nails on the four sides of the shop in such a way that their funnels are on the outside of the shop and put a little kumkum on each nail. Doing so opens the tied shop business.

Another method to open a tied business is to take a coconut (coiled), a copper coin, and a lemon. Worship these three with Kumkum Akshat and dig incense between the threshold of the shop by showing incense lamps and bury them all, if it is not possible to bury them in this way, then wrap these items in red or black cloth and rotate them 3 times in the store in the running water. Make it flow Do this work mainly on Tuesdays or Saturdays, the duty side is good.

The person whose job is not possible due to any bond, should collect the following 6 tree roots. Apamarga, sandalwood, maulashree, Ashoka, hanging banyan root, peepal and gulal. Keep all these roots in a fine mesh bag of nylon, hang this bag on a peg in the bath. Whenever you go to bathe daily, leave this bundle in the bathwater for 5 minutes and take a bath with this water. Thus by taking a Saptamool bath for 60 or 43 consecutive days, the bond ends, and the person concerned starts getting results. If you remove these roots inauspicious times like Sarvaarthasiddhi Yoga or Amrit Siddhioga or Ravi-Guru Pushya, then there are more benefits.

Collect the items below to open a tied business.
A piece of the root of a plant called nettle, and the seed looks like a bird’s skull in its fruit, a small amount of soil from any three rivers, a piece of banyan coral, a piece of coils touching the ground but in the ground Do not be sunken, a piece of the root of bilva, some seeds of dry red chili, (two seeds of red, white, black gunja).
Tie these items securely in a blank cloth and tie the bundle again in red cloth with the help of colored thread and hang it in the main door of the shop inwards. This bundle must be shown incense lamp at the time of daily worship.

When you open a shop every day to open a tied shop or place of business, take a little camphor in a plate and burn it inside the shop. When camphor burns, pray a lemon in its smoke, praying in mind that whatever bond is there in the shop, blow away with the smoke or enter the lemon and soak it. When the camphor is completely burnt, put this lemon in the center of the shop and burst it with an injury to the hand, the face should be facing outwards. Throw the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon out in a convenient direction. By doing this experiment continuously for 41 days, the bond is freed.

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