Positive and Negative Impact of Venus on the native

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Positive ,Negative Impact of Venus on the native,In Indian astrology, Venus is considered to be the factor of husband,wife,lover,girlfriend
Positive and Negative Impact of Venus on the native

Impact of Venus on the native

In Indian Vedic astrology, Venus is mainly considered to be the factor of husband or wife or lover or girlfriend. It is very important to see the position of this planet in the horoscope to see any matter related to the heart and love affairs. To see the happiness of the spouse in the life of the horoscope, one must also see the position of Venus in the horoscope. Venus is also called the goddess of beauty and for this reason, Venus is the factor in most areas associated with beauty, opulence, and art, such as the fashion world and its people, cinema and its people, theater and its connected areas. People, painters and, dance art and dancers, perfumes and allied pursuits, designer clothing business, hotel business and other such businesses which are associated with luxury and opulence.

Venus is a moist planet and is considered a female planet for astrological calculations. Venus becomes most powerful by being located in Pisces, which is a water sign owned by Jupiter. Venus located in Pisces is also called Venus of the higher. In addition to Pisces, Venus becomes powerful by being located in Taurus and Libra, which are their own zodiac signs. The strong influence of Venus in the horoscope makes the horoscope holder physically beautiful and attractive, and people are attracted towards this beauty and attraction, and especially people of the opposite sex. Natives with a strong influence of Venus are more beautiful than the natives of all other planets. Women with strong Venus influence are very attractive and wherever they go, long queues of men follow them. The people of Venus are generally successful in the fashion world, cinema world, and other such areas in which physical beauty is considered essential for success.

Venus is also a factor of physical pleasures and the position of Venus in the horoscope is considered important to know all the topics from sexual intercourse to warm love. The strong influence of Venus makes the native jolly and usually, such people are sensitive about their love affairs. The natives of Venus are ahead of all other types of people in the pursuit of beauty and opulence. Venus in the body parts is a factor of the genitals and also represents the reproductive system of Venus in the body of women and the strong influence of a bad planet on Venus in the horoscope of women can adversely affect their fertility.

Venus becomes powerless when it is located in Virgo and in addition, Venus becomes powerless due to its particular position in the horoscope or under the influence of a bad planet. The strong influence of bad planets on Venus can cause problems in a person’s marital life or love affairs. The strong influence of bad planets on Venus in the horoscope of women can weaken their reproductive system and also negatively affect their uterus, or ovaries, which can cause problems in producing children.

The special effect of the inauspicious Rahu on Venus in the horoscope increases the physical lusts more than necessary within the native, due to which the native loses a lot of his physical energy and money to fulfill these lusts, due to which his health and fertility are bad. The effect may be there and in some cases, the native may also be suffering from some latent disease which depending on the position of other planets in the horoscope can prove to be fatal.

The people whose Venus is strongly related to the ascendant, fifth house, the fifth house, people of the opposite sex are attracted to such people very soon. The person is eager for the love of the opposite sex due to the relationship of Balishukra in the horoscope of a male native with Bhavesh, such a person also has a love affair. On the fifth house, Bhavesh, Venus if any of the sin planets Saturn Rahu. The affection of two or three planets gives sorrow in a love affair. Saturn Rahu Ketu separates the Jataka or Jatika from the lover or girlfriend by quarreling with the fighter or by making wrong fame between them or in any other way. When Guru’s influence is on Venus and the fifth house, then there is no separation.

When Venus is inauspicious

If people are having trouble getting married or are having trouble after marriage, then believe that their Venus planet is bad. People who do not have enthusiasm in their bodies, who are happy in pranks and laughs but become irritable very quickly, who always have laziness to wash clothes, go to work, who cleans the house They try to talk but do not do these things themselves, which have the power of sexual intercourse, but they are not able to keep their spouses happy, who have repeated infractions on their genitals, who try to become heroes Do not do but dream of becoming a hero, who promises to do new zealous work every day but does not work, who is always attracted towards the opposite sex, who has a habit of spending too much but does not earn that much, And if there is a problem of white water or leukorrhea in women, it is all due to malfunction of the planet Venus. Overall, people suffering from the fault of this grace pretend to be good, hiding their shortcomings. They do so much mischief that these mischiefs become the reason for their infamy.

Such people find the fragrance, fragrant food, or any kind of fragrance bad. Those who try to do many types of jobs and work but are unable to succeed in anyone, get separated from the lack of environment. But their thoughts sound very knowledgeable about hearing. The planet Venus of all of these is bad, as soon as one gets married, the health of his or her partner gets deteriorated. After the process of sexual intercourse, do not give much importance to the life partner and stay away from this process for many days, you are never able to keep the life partner satisfied, in the same way, life goes on in complaints if the work of readymade clothes or cosmetic, sweet If there is any work related to things, then there is always a deficiency or defect in them. Apart from this, if he spends money on beautiful or valuable things outside or makes connections with opposite sexes but cannot enjoy, then Venus planet is bad.

Remedies and tricks for the peace of bad Venus

  • Donation of colored clothes, silk clothes, ghee, fragrance, sugar, edible oil, sandalwood, camphor improves the opposite condition of the planet Venus.
  • Donation of gems related to Venus is also beneficial.
  • It is best to donate these items to a young woman on Friday evening.
  • If you are having trouble in the area related to the planet Venus, then for this you keep fast on Friday.
  • Offer sweets and kheer to the crows and the poor.
  • Feed ghee rice to Brahmins and the poor.
  • Take out a portion of your food and feed it to the cow.
  • Things related to Venus-like fragrance, ghee, and fragrant oil should not be used.
  • Black ants should be fed sugar.
  • While going for some important work, a girl who is under 10 years of age should touch the feet and take blessings.
  • If there is a chance of marriage in a girl’s marriage, then it must be accepted.
  • One should take a bath with cow-milk on Friday.
  • To prevent the effects of Venus, the day of Friday is more auspicious in the constellations of Venus (Bharani, Purva-Phalguni, Purvashada) and Hora of Venus.

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