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In the scriptures of Vedic astrology, it is said that if Mars and Rahu are sitting together in a house in a person’s horoscope or if there is a visual connection between Mars and Rahu, then in such a horoscope, Angarka yoga is created.

When an emetic defect is found in a person’s horoscope, then that person becomes like a violent animal. People with emetic deficiencies establish bitter relationships with their captives, friends and relatives. According to the resultant section of Vedic astrology, people with emetic defects become guilty on coming under subdued condition and they have to stay in jail for a long time due to their antisocial actions.

According to how in the horoscope a cohesive defect is made, the results are obtained accordingly. There are many ups and downs in the lives of such individuals. Property-related problems and money-related problems remain. There is a decrease in the happiness of the mother or problems in procuring children.

The relationship or vision of Rahu and Mars has been addressed in the Lal Kitab as “mad elephant” or “dreaded lion”. According to Lal Kitab Astrology, if this yoga happens in someone’s horoscope, then that person earns name and money from their hard work. In reality Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab’s explanation of Angarak Dosh is to define the cruel mindset of the person. This yoga gives both good and bad results.

The inauspicious result of Angarak dosha is attained when both Mars and Rahu are inauspicious in the horoscope. In the event of any auspicious of Mars and Rahu in the horoscope, the person does not get inauspicious results. When both Mars and Rahu are auspicious in the horoscope, the auspicious fruit creates the Angaraka yoga. This yoga gives both auspicious and inauspicious results.
It is necessary to have peace when there is a position of emetic in the horoscope, otherwise troubles remain for a long time. Aangaraka yoga formed by the conjunction of inauspicious Mars and inauspicious Rahu or Ketu in the horoscope is the most inauspicious fruit while in the event of either of these two planets becoming auspicious, this yoga does not remain as much inauspicious.

Inauspicious results associated with Angarak Yoga to a person are obtained only if both Mars and Rahu or Ketu, who make Angarka Yoga in the horoscope, are inauspicious and in case the Mars and Rahu Ketu in the horoscope are inauspicious. More inauspicious results are not obtained and in the case of both Mars and Rahu Ketu being auspicious in the Kudali, the relation of these planets does not make inauspicious fruit giving Angarak Yoga and makes Angarak Yog auspicious.

Following are the results of Angarka Yoga in the horoscope of the horoscope –

1.Having Angarak yoga in the first house causes stomach disease, injury to the body, unstable mentality, cruelty.

2.Having Angarak yoga in the second house causes fluctuations in wealth and ruins one’s home.

3.Having Angarak yoga in the third house creates bitter relations with brothers, but the person succeeds by deceit.

4.Due to the presence of Angarak Yoga in the fourth house, the mother has to face disputes related to sorrow and land.

5.Having Angarak yoga in the fifth house benefits from childlessness and gambling-betting.

6.By having Angarak yoga in the sixth house, one gets progress by taking loan. The person may also become a blood killer or surgeon.

7.Having Angarak yoga in the seventh house gives unhappy married life, illegitimate relationship, being a widow or widower, but also benefits from the partnership.

8.In the eighth house, there is an ancestral property by having Angarak Yoga, but the road accident causes strong totals.

9.Due to having Angarak yoga in the ninth house, people are fortunate, indulgent, conservative, and indulge in the tantra mantra.

10.By having Angarak yoga in the tenth house, people are very hard-working, hard-working, sportsmen, and highly successful.

11.Having Angarak yoga in the eleventh house benefits from the property. Individuals are thieves, fraudulent frauds.

12.Benefit from import-export and bribery by having Angarak yoga in the twelfth house. Such persons also indulge in crimes like rape.

Following are some remedies to remove the inauspiciousness of Angarak Yoga Dosha –

  • Go to the Angareshwar temple of Ujjain and offer Bhat puja.
  • Mangal-Rahu Angaraka Yoga is peaceful through Mangalchandika.
  • Must wear pearl or opal.
  • We should wear a silver bracelet or chain.
  • Chant “Om Ang Angarakaya Namah” mantra regularly.
  • Fast on Tuesday as well as chant the seed mantra of Mars.
  • Worship Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva, and feed the peacock.
  • Everyday recitation of the coherent sources is beneficial.
  • By worshiping Hanuman Ji, both these planets become painful. Hence, recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.
  • Feed jaggery to the cow every Tuesday.
  • Rudrabhisheka of Lord Shiva with sugarcane juice.

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